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Flu immunisation

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JokersRus Fri 20-Oct-17 11:38:06

my school age DS was supposed to have his Flu Spray vaccination on Monday. I'd filled out the form that he had brought home and sent it back into the school the day after receiving it, signed etc. Anyway, went to pick him up Monday and asked him if he'd had his flu spray and he said no. So I went to the school office to check, as he'd not been given a note or slip telling me he's not had it done. After about 10 minutes, they'd confirmed he hadn't had it done as he had no consent. I'd told them that I'd sent the form in and handed it to the office myself. Anyway I wasn't going to stand around arguing about it, so they'd given me a number to ring for a clinic they were putting on for half term.
I rang to book, only for it to be on a Wednesday when I'm working all day and kids are in childcare (but I could have took time out on my lunch) only to then, be told, there's no more appointments left.
The clinic was on from 9-12 and for one day??? theres no more clinics planned as yet and I've got to call them again after the school holidays to see if they are doing anymore clinics (which is not confirmed).

So I then rang my own GP and told them the situation and they won't do it for him because they are not funded.
However, they are willing to vaccinate my DD who is 4?? I don't understand, am I being unreasonable to think that they should try and help me sort this out?? My GP surgery has sent me letters for my DD to have hers done and it goes on about how important it is to vaccinate your children, but they won't help me with my DS.
I could probably understand it if I not filled out the consent form to the school and handed it to the office but I did...
How else can I get him vaccined? Can I pay private?
I just feel really frustrated, I've been stressed out all week at work and I'm now having to chase up this because of a mistake by the school.

ShowMeMySilverLining Fri 20-Oct-17 12:05:07

Most Boots stores. £12.99 I think? If you just want it done and don’t mind paying.

sashh Fri 20-Oct-17 12:21:53

Helpful link to pharmacies that will give the nasal spray to children. £23

JokersRus Fri 20-Oct-17 12:24:46

AHH wow thank you smile will have a look

Sidge Fri 20-Oct-17 12:51:10

The school nurses might have a catch up clinic for children that missed it at school that day. The school are partly at fault as they 'lost' the consent form, so should help you sort it with the school health team. I would phone the SHT again and ask if they have other clinics or whether you could even take him when they're at another school nearby, if they're not coming back to his school.

The GP can't do it as they're not funded to do so (school health teams receive the funding for children over 4) and won't necessarily have enough vaccine - we get allocated numbers of vaccines based on the numbers of our eligible children i.e. the under-5s. Of course if they're not all used we can offer them to other kids, but that would be much later in the season e.g. January.

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