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To not be quite sure how I feel about this...

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RabidHarpy Fri 20-Oct-17 10:47:50

Today is our wedding anniversary and I was presented with divorce papers.

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds as we have been separated for almost four years but his timing is spot on!

Bloody man, I am sniggering a bit but even last year would have floored me. Onwards and upwards smile.

MadForlt Fri 20-Oct-17 10:49:58

Haha, that is quite funny! I wonder if he even realises - how is he with dates?

Do you think this is a deliberate thing to get to you? If so, I would definitely let him know that it amused you!

RabidHarpy Fri 20-Oct-17 10:51:21

Don't really think it's deliberate but I was slightly surprised.

MadForlt Fri 20-Oct-17 11:10:22

Yeah, it's easy for me to say it's amusing, but it could be very hurtful. But it's the next step you need to take to move on with your life, so hopefully it will ultimately be a positive thing for you.

Santawontbelong Fri 20-Oct-17 11:11:11

Is your name Angel Watts??

Santawontbelong Fri 20-Oct-17 11:11:22

Angie even!!

RabidHarpy Fri 20-Oct-17 19:24:39

My hair is very similar - could be something in it?thlsmile

DC with him this weekend so am at home with DDog, food cooking and a bottle of wine. I may have a bath.

I am finally there, at last. Today has been weird, good, sad and a bit exciting smile.

Gazelda Fri 20-Oct-17 19:34:49

Ouch! I can understand that would have stung.
But at least it wraps it up neatly. And it’s a great anecdote whenever you need a ‘strange but true facts about me’ story.

ChipInTheSugar Fri 20-Oct-17 19:46:21

My ex tried his hardest to get divorce papers to me on our wedding anniversary. Twat.

RabidHarpy Fri 20-Oct-17 19:52:12

We have been stupidly faffing on for years.

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