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to ask what church I should be looking for?

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BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 03:28:30

I was reared Catholic but for countless reasons do not wish to have anything to do with that church.
Is there a similar teaching? I've heard Church of England, but I don't see any churches named that.
I would like to have a church to turn to, just not the one I was brought up in.
What is the nearest one to Catholicism? What is the name of churches I should look out for locally or indeed what should I google?

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 20-Oct-17 03:31:43

Anglican is 'high Church' which is closer to Catholicism as far as my atheist brain understands.

What are you avoiding in Catholicism so people can find you a lovely church?

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 20-Oct-17 03:33:37

Where are you though? Because Scotland (or anywhere else but England) would be different.

Needadvicetoleave Fri 20-Oct-17 03:44:47

Yes, Anglican 'high' church is as close as you'll get-together they make the sign of the cross, use incense and call the vicar 'father' as well as more nuanced theological similarities.

Most churches that look like traditional churches are 'church of England' they'll often sat "St Christopher's parish church or at Margaret's c of e church for example.

Go to

What is it you want out of the church? That will help us identify a type or denomination you may like.

If you are in Scotland they'll say church of Scotland.

Ifearthecold Fri 20-Oct-17 03:48:41

Episcopal church in Scotland and some other counties may be useful? It is part of the Anglican community and has some similarities with Catholic Church. Knowing the country would help.

StripyDeckchair Fri 20-Oct-17 03:51:06

The Church of England has a website that enables you to search by postcode for churches local to you:

Anglican is just another word for C of E (it refers to the C of E and its partner churches worldwide rather than just in the UK).

There are lots of different kinds of worship and practice in the C of E - some C of E churches feel more 'Catholic' than others.

Maybe get in touch with the vicar of your local church for a chat or drop in to one of their services and see what you think. You may find the one nearest to you is not right for you but it's a place to start. If you've had problems with the church (any kind of church) in the past your vicar should be open to discussing these with you and should be supportive and compassionate.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:02:07

Hang on, I'll answer the questions a post at a time as I can't do the multiple postings.

Basically the history of abuse within the Catholic Church and abuse I've had from two different priests. It's very personal what that abuse was so I don't want to elaborate. That was to TerryPratchett.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:02:40

I'm In England.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:06:46

I guess I want a way to touch in with that God or whatever. I don't necessarily want a church in terms of 'all the other people there'. I think I want a place to go where I feel close to God. I sound like such a religious nut. I'm not. I just feel like I need something right now. I've a lot going on. I don't feel like I could truthfully turn to my religion of childhood. I would not be 'feeling it'. Put it that way?

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:09:26

Stripydeckchair I will look up a local church. Thank you for the link. That's exactly the information I was looking for.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:10:05

Ifearthecold, I'm in England.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:13:45

I've just input my postcode and it just showed me where I live on a map but no church?

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 20-Oct-17 04:15:25

I’m very sorry that happened to you flowers

And from a deeply and profoundly atheist type, you don’t sound like a religious nut!

I think Anglican is worth a try. Have a look at some churches in your area and drop in. You’ll get a feel for it.

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:20:31

I guess I can just google Anglican churches near me or something. Anglican sounds ok to me. I'm not fussed lol. I'm like a religious atheist. Something calming about a church. Just not a Catholic one anymore for me. sad

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 04:23:05

Well google is telling me Paddington is my closest Anglican church. Are there not many of them? I'm quite a bit from Paddington to be honest.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 20-Oct-17 04:33:41

Are you London proper or suburbs?

LadyCassandra Fri 20-Oct-17 04:41:50

A lot of churches are not really up on their internet placing. So you might need to go to the CofE website and see if there is a listing for churches. I work in Sydney for an Anglican church and for some reason they don't see the internet/social media as a priority. I think they just assume people will open the phone book! hmm

user1499169579 Fri 20-Oct-17 04:45:11

What are the first 3 digits of your postcode?

LadyCassandra Fri 20-Oct-17 04:46:47

I just checked the Anglican website and it looks like they have a thing called A Church Near You which lists all the local churches. There are a lot of them.Would definitely be worth a try.

I hope you find somewhere to give you peace.

doubleshotespresso Fri 20-Oct-17 04:50:09

Where in London are you Bobthefireman please?

I am of a very similar view to you, I would say I hold a fairly strong belief in God, but just cannot reconcile a great deal of what appears to have happened historically, the way these were --not at all--dealt with and the general avoidance of challenging individuals who did such harm.

But also like you feel as if I am missing something and could do with somewhere to go too....

DoublyTroubly Fri 20-Oct-17 05:24:00

I’ve just had a look on It should show red dots for churches. You might need to click the - in the bottom right corner to zoom out w bit x

DoublyTroubly Fri 20-Oct-17 05:25:31

Or just go into google maps and search for church - that should bring up your closest ones x

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 05:44:34

Sorry, I was busy there. I'm E17. London.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 20-Oct-17 05:48:37

BobtheFireman Fri 20-Oct-17 05:48:49

I'm with you doubleshotespresso. I was reared with God as part of my life and I just can not be part of the religion I was brought up in, yet I feel a need for something to get comfort from.

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