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Petulant boss and quitting job

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blairwaldorff Thu 19-Oct-17 21:45:08

Hi all! After a lot of consideration and looking from all the angles I decided to resign from my job. I've been working in a lovely company and I wish I could carry on, but my monthly salary is going completely into childcare so I might stay at home with DS.

Few days ago I told my immediate boss my intentions to leave and he said "how come?" I explained and he "thanks for letting me know", mentioned about paying again the recruitment agency etc.

Next day I went to speak to the manager and he was very empathetic towards me, did not want me to leave and that he understands how difficult it is to be a mother and also work because he knows the struggle his wife had in the past. He suggested that I could take holidays combined with some unpaid leave, return to work in December (which is the busiest month and I have my husband at home to look after our DC). I would still be there for their worst month of the year and also give them more time to find a replacement. I found this a lovely idea has I enjoy my work, my colleagues and I would like to be helpful in December.

Today I went to my boss with this suggestion and the dates (take holiday in November + unpaid leave, returning in December). He said "well, I don't care" and I said "but if I give my notice in October then...?" And he said "you still need to work your 4 weeks anyway" when he know that I could not stay in November no matter what.

AIBU to find him petulant? I was trying to leave with less disturbance as possible, coming back to work in the worst month for them, get an unpaid leave etc and I hear "I don't care" from him.

My husband suggested that I go tomorrow to the manager and explain that my boss doesn't care when I leave anyway so no reason for me to stick around. My husband would get a parental leave from his job so he can stay with our DS whilst I work my notice period.

Well if you read through all my post, many thanks! And can you please give me your opinions on this? Should I give my notice tomorrow and let them sort themselves for December? AIBU for being a bit crossed by his lack of empathy and consideration?

WitchesHatRim Thu 19-Oct-17 21:47:15

My husband would get a parental leave from his job so he can stay with our DS whilst I work my notice period.

Is that s given? Employers can defer parental leave requests.

blairwaldorff Thu 19-Oct-17 21:59:35

yes, it is! He already spoke to the HR

blairwaldorff Thu 19-Oct-17 22:01:08

yes, it is! He already spoke to the HR

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