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Grad scheme AIBU

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HelloPossums Thu 19-Oct-17 19:36:33

I do freelance work for a company at the moment (will be ongoing until December). I recently got in touch with them to ask if they had any openings for full-time work.

They replied, saying that they had a grad scheme (which normally starts in July each year, but they said they might have openings in early 2018).

They said that they'd also keep my details on file for any other roles that might become available.

After this, I had a phone interview with their HR manager. They then invited me for a face-to-face interview last week with a senior manager for a temporary role with ad-hoc hours. I've just heard back from them today about the interview - they've said that I didn't get the temporary role, but they haven't mentioned anything about the grad scheme either way.

The grad scheme looks great, and is something that I'd be really interested in. I mentioned it briefly during my interview for the temporary role, just to show my interest.

How do you think I should approach it all now?

Should I get back in touch with them in a couple of months to ask about any grad scheme openings (as they said there might be openings in 2018)? Or do you think I shouldn't do anything and should wait and see if they contact me about it? I just want 'closure' either way in terms of finding out whether i could be considered for their grad scheme, and I don't feel that they've made it clear so far whether I could apply for it or not. I'm just a bit confused about the whole thing.

Would I be U to contact them again in a couple of months to ask about the grad scheme and to keep my name in their mind? Or is that not a good idea - would they think I'm weird and pushy?

Invisimamma Thu 19-Oct-17 19:38:17

Just apply for the grad scheme when it's advertised?

HelloPossums Thu 19-Oct-17 20:29:29

Bump smile

LillyLollyLandy Thu 19-Oct-17 20:33:08

I do interviews for my firm.

Did they give you any feedback as to why you weren’t successful? If not, I’d ring the HR team and ask for this. You can then ask whether it’s worthwhile applying for the grad scheme. Some companies won’t re-interview someone within 6 months so definitely ring and find out.

HelloPossums Thu 19-Oct-17 21:10:52

Thanks for your replies Invisi and Lilly.

Invisi, that's a good point - I think that would be a good option, but I don't know whether they'll be advertising vacancies for it.

Lilly, they didn't give any specific feedback in the email.
In the email, they said that the manager who did my face-to-face interview 'enjoyed learning more about my background' and that they 'do not see a role in the XXX team as the best way forward, but really value [my] XXX work and will keep in touch with regard to other XXX opportunities that might become available'. Is it worth me asking for more specific interview feedback?

I'm not sure where to go from here, really, because I really don't want to annoy the HR manager but also just would like to know where I stand WRT the grad scheme. I don't really want to rule myself out of applying, and I'm not sure whether they've not ruled me out of the grad scheme because I wasn't successful in this role (if that makes sense).

HelloPossums Thu 19-Oct-17 22:14:28


oneoffnamechange123 Thu 19-Oct-17 22:52:45

My experience has been that these are formalised schemes which are advertised and recruited for in a very specific way. If you google is there nothing that comes up? Are there grad schemes with other companies that you would be interested in?

LillyLollyLandy Fri 20-Oct-17 23:55:03

OP the only way you’ll know for sure is by asking HR.

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