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Awful trip to DF and SM's - AIBU

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summer25 Thu 19-Oct-17 16:33:35

I have an extremely poor relationship with my father which has only got worse since my mother died 9 years; he very quickly remarried after she died. He has always had an obsession with body image, food and exercise and I believe his beliefs contributed to the fact that I suffered with an eating disorder for many years. His wife seems equally as obsessed and the two of them live on next to nothing and are also obsessed with cycling. Seriously, they have to go out on their bikes every single day and take them on every single holiday.

So ... I try to keep my distance from him as he still has the capacity to really hurt me (in recent years he has sent my DH a letter speaking about how he thought my 6 year was overweight). Last week, he phoned and asked if I’d like to go and visit him and his wife and I foolishly agreed thinking I

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