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To ask if I should get checked out

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lauryloo Thu 19-Oct-17 14:35:01

About 15 mins ago I banged my hand on a drawer handle - right on the vein

Since I've felt nauseous and had diarrhoea

A bruise has formed and I generally feel a bit spaced out

Home alone with 2 kids and really worried I've really damaged the vein or something stupid

Please tell me I'm being a raging hypochondriac - in NI so can't call 111

ghostyslovesheets Thu 19-Oct-17 14:38:36

Yanbu I'd get that checked - it might just be shock and pain but I'd worry like you x

AndrewJames Thu 19-Oct-17 14:40:20

Honestly I wouldn't personally be going to A&E saying I banged my hand and have a bruise.

Why not just wait a bit and see?

gamerchick Thu 19-Oct-17 14:40:43

You may have hit a nerve. Banging your elbow is awful for eg.

It isn’t something I would run to hospital for though.

Caulk Thu 19-Oct-17 14:43:26

I wouldn’t. I’d think id just hit a nerve. What do you imagine a doctor/hospital could do? If it’s pain relief then try some paracetamol, i think you’d know if it was broken.

lauryloo Thu 19-Oct-17 14:46:06

thanks for the replies

never even though it could be a nerve - that would explain why i felt so awful afterwards.

mirime Thu 19-Oct-17 14:55:54

I used to work in retail, and once hit my arm against a fixture. Felt really sick and light-headed for a good 20 minutes or so and then was fine, except for a lovely bruise.

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