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Non urgent referral to breast clinic- Aibu to worry?

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Chattycat78 Thu 19-Oct-17 13:47:48

So I've been referred to the breast clinic in a "non urgent" way. Probably a month wait or so.

This is because I have an inflamed area on my areola- it's like two of my glands look red and inflamed. I noticed it in August, mentioned it at the gps about a week later and was told it was "nothing" but I went back a few weeks later after it didn't clear.
I don't have a lump or pain, and I only gave up feeding 6 months ago so was hoping it was linked to that.

The second time I went back to the GP I was told it was still probably nothing but to come back in 3 weeks to see if it had changed. I went back today to see the same gp and she said she still thinks it's nothing- called her senior colleague in to look too and he said the same. However, they are still referring me anyway. sad. They've said this is to "put it to bed" and because im worried, but they don't believe it's anything.

Aibu to be fretting now despite what they've said? I realise that of course they don't really know and it could be the thing everyone is afraid of sad.

My anxiety could be heightened by the fact that last month I lost one of my good university friends to lung cancer. She was 38. sad so perhaps I'm also mega sensitive to that awful disease right now.

MummaTwinkleToes Thu 19-Oct-17 14:37:36

Hi yanbu, I would worry too but try not to panic. When patients are referred to a specialist most departments have a triage service to rate how urgent it is and how soon the patient needs be be seen by. Dependant on the set up in the particular hospital it could be the consultant or registrar going through the referrals or admin staff with a criteria to match referrals to. Hopefully it's nothing serious but at least your GP made the referral.

verite Thu 19-Oct-17 14:43:13

I had a non urgent referral when I had a lump. The doctor said he was 99% sure He knew what it was and it was harmless but he was referring me anyway as I was worried. And once I went to the appointment, it was exactly what he said. So try not to worry - if they had any doubt I am sure you would have had an urgent referral

DancingLedge Thu 19-Oct-17 14:44:37

Breast clinics exist for all kinds of breast problems, not just cancer.

Lumps always get the 2 week referral, even when they're almost certainly not cancer, , so that will be something your Dr is frequently doing. S/he could easily have given you an urgent referral: the fact that it's non- urgent means that there's no whiff of a possibility of cancer being thought about.

Chattycat78 Thu 19-Oct-17 14:44:46

Thanks guys. It's so hard not to go from naught to one hundred if that makes sense.

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