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Chest X-ray

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Pennypinkhair Thu 19-Oct-17 09:19:41

Probably not the best place to post, but really posting for traffic.
About 3 weeks ago I had a cold that turned into the most horrendous chest infection where I was struggling to draw breath, wheezing and lots of crackles in my right lung and pain on that side when I breathed. I take immunosuppressants for another condition( not taken them since starting with the cold, as directed by the doctor) so the slightest thing can really affect me. I was prescribed a course of steroids, antibiotics and given an inhaler. The antibiotics started to work quite well but I had finished the course and i was still wheezy and crackly so returned to the doctors and was given another course, which I’ve now finished. I’ve been back to the doctor this morning as although I’m breathing so much better and coughing is much less ( still coughing up some gunk though) I still have this pain on my right side under my ribs that is much worse when I breath deeply and cough. It is keeping me awake and wakes me up when I do sleep. I felt like he really was dismissive of me really, didn’t listen to my chest or anything and just said that it would be muscular, that I’ve strained something with all the coughing and to take paracetamol and ibuprofen, which of course I’ve already been doing and they don’t really help at all. I asked whether I should have a chest X-ray just to confirm there’s nothing else going on, but he practically rolled his eyes and said no it wasn’t needed. Im not prone to hysterics and generally just get on with things, but I’m quite worried. I don’t feel ‘right’ but don’t want to bother the doctor again but can’t carry on like this ! Any advice MN ?

Parmesanity Thu 19-Oct-17 09:33:46

Go back and insist on a chest x-ray, it could be pneumonia from the way you describe it. I'm recovering from pneumonia, was in hospital for 5 days and treated with intravenous antibiotics. The infection filled my lung and was detected after chest xray, and I was immediately admitted.

Please go back to your GP today, or if not possible, A&E. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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