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Medical restriction on a driving licence

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Cheadle Wed 18-Oct-17 20:20:13

My father wants to renew his car insurance which is up for renewal.

However following a very minor car accident recently, no other vehicles involved and no person injured, a policeman told him that he had a medical restriction on his driving licence and that is why it has to be renewed after 3 years. Well, that's news to my father because he thought it had to be renewed after 3 years because he was over 70 years old.

I'm just checking his licence for him now (I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for) and am wondering if there is a medical restriction on it. Does anyone know whereabouts it would be written?

The only medical complaint that he has is Diabetes II for which he takes Metformin tablets. His GP has never mentioned anything to him about him needing to report it to DVLA. He doesn't have any other medical illnesses.

Does anybody know about these things? Thanks.

Needadvicetoleave Wed 18-Oct-17 20:47:35

The DVLA have a web chat service. It's brilliant. Ask there and they'll tell you (well, him, or you pretending to be him!). If it's for something other than diabetes they'll tell you how to challenge that.

FreudianSlurp Wed 18-Oct-17 20:56:05

My medical restrictions are on the plastic card part of the licence (they might be on the paper part too, I haven't checked). On the reverse of the card, there's a heading of "Codes", and you can check the numbers against the list here

Cheadle Wed 18-Oct-17 21:27:19

Thanks for your replies Needadvicetoleave and Freudianslurp.

Freudianslurp, on the back of the licence there are columns headed 9, 10, 11 and 12. I assume any restrictions would be in that last column headed 12. If so there are 2 codes on my father's licence, the first is 79(3) 'restricted to vehicles in conformity with the specifications stated in brackets' and the second one listed is 128 'start date is for earliest entitlement'

Absolutely no other codes. I don't understand what that policeman was talking about.

FreudianSlurp Wed 18-Oct-17 21:32:00

79 (3) - restricted to tricycles

inlectorecumbit Wed 18-Oct-17 21:32:18

No DVLA restrictions if only on Metformin for Diabetes

shouldaknownbetter Wed 18-Oct-17 21:33:48

I think there are restrictions for diabetics unless treated by diet alone.

I am a diabetic and have to get my licence renewed every 3 years.

Cheadle Wed 18-Oct-17 21:38:17

Great, I'll go ahead and find him an insurance policy now. Thanks for all your help.

Cheadle Wed 18-Oct-17 21:41:22

Shouldaknownbetter, sorry I posted without seeing your message.

inlectorecumbit Wed 18-Oct-17 23:13:38

No restrictions with Diabetes unless treated with Insulin. Needs to do blood testing if on some medication--Metforrmin is not one of them

.If you are a Group 1 driver on non-insulin medication for diabetes you do not need to notify unless:

You have had two episodes of severe hypoglycaemia within the last 12 months (where you were completely dependent on another person to treat your hypo).
You develop impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia (where you are unable to recognise the hypo when it starts).
You experience a disabling hypo whilst driving.
You have other medical conditions or changes to existing medical conditions which could affect your ability to drive safely. Examples are: problems with vision (e.g. laser treatment/injections), circulation, or sensation (e.g. peripheral neuropathy).
Hypo-related problems are most likely to happen on sulphonylurea or glinide tablets. THIS IS NOT METFORMIN

Motor Insurance

When applying for motor insurance you must declare you have diabetes even if you are not asked about this. You should also inform your insurance company of any changes to your condition or treatment. Failure to do so, or failure to notify the DVLA/DVA where required, could mean you are not covered. If you feel your premium is too high it is worth challenging your insurer. Insurers can only refuse cover, or charge more if they have evidence of increased risk.

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