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Would you think this is cheeky?

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SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:19:17

Is it cheeky to make money selling things that someone has given you for free?

Justmuddlingalong Wed 18-Oct-17 13:20:59


ownedbySWD Wed 18-Oct-17 13:21:34

Probably. I was given a mountain of baby clothes that ds outgrew in a hot second. I needed to buy him the next size up, so sold them at an NCT sale and used the money to buy him more clothes. I was honest with them but I don't think it went down well. I probably wouldn't do it again.

Someoneasdumbasthis Wed 18-Oct-17 13:22:01

absolutely. pay it forward.

Cakescakescakes Wed 18-Oct-17 13:22:35

Yes absolutely. They should be passed on for free to someone else.

MunchMunch Wed 18-Oct-17 13:22:59


I was given bunk beds for free off freecycle, I sold the bunks after about a year but I bought new single beds with the money as dc were getting their own rooms. That's ok to me.

If you were given the stuff for free and you put it across that they would be used by you but you only had the intention to sell it from the start then that's not ok imo.

SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:23:37

That's what I though. A friend I've recently fallen out with is selling all the clothes I passed on to her for her baby for free. I'm really annoyed.

MunchMunch Wed 18-Oct-17 13:25:07

Has her baby worn the clothes and outgrown them?

People on MN usually say that you can't attach conditions on things you give away so maybe she thinks like this.

egosemperfemina Wed 18-Oct-17 13:25:07

Well I have passed on nearly all of our baby stuff to a friend as we aren't having any more DC. She is really struggling financially as a pregnant single mother, I would have absolutely no problem with her selling the things I've given her if she needs the money, and I have told her this. But in other circumstances yes I think you should give away for free anything you yourself got for nothing.

SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:26:55

I just think it's so cheeky! I was also a skint single mum and could've sold it all myself but thought I'd do a nice thing. Oh well, I guess it's just good we're not friends anymore.

SloeSloeQuickQuickGin Wed 18-Oct-17 13:27:17

I suppose it depends how much she needs the money.

Ignoring the fact you have fallen out, would you prefer it if she paid her electric bill or starved in order to do so?

SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:28:22

She doesn't need the money.

SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:29:05

If she had asked I would've said yes, but it's just the fact that she just thinks that's just an ok thing to do!

Raver84 Wed 18-Oct-17 13:40:20

With baby stuff tag been given when I finish with it I always contact t my friend and ask of she wants it back. She never does. So I give it to charity or give away in bundles on Facebook. Wouldn't sell.

Greyponcho Wed 18-Oct-17 13:42:25

Ask for them back - she clearly doesn’t need them anymore and you can find someone who does appreciate them

ThumbWitchesAbroad Wed 18-Oct-17 13:49:21

Yeah I wouldn't appreciate that.
It's a bit bloody rude, really.

KoalaD Wed 18-Oct-17 13:50:18

Yes, I think it's rude.

ReanimatedSGB Wed 18-Oct-17 13:52:14

Meh. Don't give things to other people if you are that precious - or at least make it clear that you want the things back.

It's only wrong if you lied about needing the items when you were intending to sell them at a profit all along.

ArcheryAnnie Wed 18-Oct-17 13:54:19

I was given bunk beds for free off freecycle, I sold the bunks after about a year but I bought new single beds with the money

MunchMunch since you benefited from Freecycle, why didn't you pass the benefit on, instead of making a profit? That's really not in the spirit of Freecycle.

Wixi Wed 18-Oct-17 13:58:55

Yes, I think it is very cheeky. I saved my baby stuff (cot, pushchair, pram, rocking chair, etc) and gave them to my younger sister when she was pregnant with her first. My sister sent me a bunch of flowers as thanks. When she no longer needed them she sold the stuff and didn't offer me anything more - I'm furious! She is now pregnant again so will have to replace, but at her own cost!

Fuckoffee Wed 18-Oct-17 14:03:33

I don't mind people selling things on that I have given them for free. I've passed on loads of baby stuff. Ive tried selling bits in the past but it's a lot of hassle for not much gain. If the next person has the time, energy and need to sell them then Im happy for them to go for it.
Would you feel differently if you hadn't fallen out with her?

SuzukiLi Wed 18-Oct-17 14:04:52

Would you feel differently if you hadn't fallen out with her?

Not at all!

Ohyesiam Wed 18-Oct-17 14:05:30

It is a bit tight, but once you have given them, they don't belong to you any more.

SandyDenny Wed 18-Oct-17 14:06:21

MunchMunch hasn't profited though, she had no money and got some free beds, she still has no money and some beds they just aren't the same beds. She didn't say she had any money left over.

Anyway there have been eleventy billion of these threads and opinions are always split, there's no right answer imo

bimbobaggins Wed 18-Oct-17 14:06:21

It is a bit rude but as said earlier once you have given it away you can’t really expect to dictate what happens to it.
It wouldn’t bother me.

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