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Nursery Lunch

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StudentMumArghh Wed 18-Oct-17 09:41:10

My 15mo DD has just started nursery (small - 7 in baby room) this week after being with a childminder nearly all her life sad She is finding the transition difficult but I'm sure she will settle soon.

Yesterday DD was offered cottage pie for lunch, something she won't eat. She's a fussy eater and I struggle to get her to eat anything that isn't finger food! So nursery gave her a digestive.

I wasn't thrilled at DD only having a biscuit for lunch. WIBU to ask them to offer DD a sandwich instead?

I know it sounds precious but a biscuit really isn't enough for lunch.

Bluntness100 Wed 18-Oct-17 09:42:47

Do they have thr facilities to make her a sandwich? I can see why they wouldn’t wish to cater individually and the other kids might want one if they see hers. Maybe you can send in her lunch?

Changerofname987654321 Wed 18-Oct-17 09:45:44

How long has she had settling into nursery?

At our nursery they email you the menu and if there is anything they won’t eat then you can send in a packed lunch. For the first few months I sent DD with alternative food in her bag just in case.

StudentMumArghh Wed 18-Oct-17 09:47:17

I have offered a packed lunch at first just in case but they told me there was no need hmm

Acorncat Wed 18-Oct-17 09:51:08

My fussy son never eats lunch at nursery and has always been given a sandwich or toast, cereal, crackers etc instead. I wonder if the rest just had a digestive for pudding so that's why she got one, that's not an ideal pudding though. Even a banana and a yoghurt would have done. I don't think it's pfb at all.

Crabbitstick Wed 18-Oct-17 09:56:52

When my DS started he was a picky eater but was always offered bread/yoghurt.
That sounds like typical nursery food though and you might want to use nursery as an opportunity to broaden what she eats. There is something magical about kids copying/conforming with each other which means they eventually will eat what's on offer.
That said a digestive is not a suitable alternative to lunch.

ZoopDragon Wed 18-Oct-17 10:21:27

if she's fussy, I think it's your responsibility to provide a back up lunch or snacks. My DD is also fussy so I pop a couple of toddler ready meals in her bag (the type that don't need refrigerating) and some Organix snacks.

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