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Gossip Girl - Chuck Bass

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FrustratedTeddyLamp Tue 17-Oct-17 22:20:34

After the thread I think last week about Chuck Bass and everyone swooning I decided to rewatch( and try to finish this time) gossip girl. I’ve just finished the first series and I just don’t get it.

He so far:
1.Sexually harassed and semi tried to rape Selena
2. Tried raping Jenny and kept joking about it, sexually harassing her.
3. Used his status and influence to take advantage of workers at the hotel/ Vitrova.
4. Took advantage of Blair after her and Nate ( his best friend) broke up, then continuously degraded her.
5. Got with Blair and a week later cheats on her.
6. Is just generally sexually vile throughout.

I guess I have to add some pros:
1. Is nice to Eric
2. Is protective of Selena when Georgina is back
3. Is Chuck Bass

Aibu to not get how so many swooned about him? Tbf no character covers themselves in glory under inspection

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