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AIBU to think what is the point of AIBU?

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1DAD2KIDS Tue 17-Oct-17 19:47:57

So we use AIBU for everything, spanning the whole spectrum of subjects? Probably for visibility as its a very popular area. In fact often most of the trending subjects are AIBU. I have just taken a screen shot of what's trending a minute ago and its all AIBU spanning many different subjects. But MN has many different topics and sub topics to fit these conversations so what is the point of AIBU?

KityGlitr Tue 17-Oct-17 19:49:56

It's obviously supposed to be for people to post their dilemmas where they're unsure if they're being unreasonable or not, but you get so many people using it for traffic posting stupid things like 'AIBU to ask you about how well this lipstick stays on?' It devalues the whole point of the page.

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