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Stinky tank room is dangerous?

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stinkytankroom Tue 17-Oct-17 17:54:07

About 6 months ago a room next to a tank room became the designated room for G&T assessments. DC in year 1 had an assessment recently and i went along just for the start, and immediately upon entering the room I smelt the fuel from the tank room next door. After a few minutes I said that DC had had some very serious lung problems a few years ago and his lungs are still affected and so please could they do the assessment somewhere else. It isn't an important assessment. The assessment woman said ok but stayed in there for an hour and explained to me later that she couldn't find anywhere else. I spoke to the head and explained again, explained also that I had had to give dc ventolin that night. She said sorry and promised it wouldn't happen again. It did, although more briefly and the assessment women said that "all you can smell is the perfume" suggesting I was being precious. Suffice to say no one is very impressed with the assessment woman, but I am not sure if anyone else thinks I am being precious.

As far as I am aware, if you smell the perfume, the fuel is present. The fuel is odourless and perfumed in order to make people aware of its presence.

AIBU that the room has fumes therefore fuel gas is present?

Do any medically qualified people think IABU re the room for dc generally?


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