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Aibu to hide the aircon remote?

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22Degreesofseperation Tue 17-Oct-17 14:56:29

So, my DP is comfortable at temperatures higher than I am but not overly fussed. I however have to be relatively cool especially while pregnant. I get sweaty and stuffy and miserable. We have a split system aircon that can heat or cool.
There's a lot of rain here at the moment, so we're having to use the airer to dry clothes inside. We don't have a tumble dryer and spates of constant rain are rare enough for it to not be worth it.

Dp thinks that having the aircon on high on 30 degrees dries clothes faster; it does, but not by much IMO. Probably 40-60 mins faster per load yes I've checked depending on what it is. Ie towels or thin shirts and so forth.

I can't abide this temperature. Within half an hour I'm a raging mess of sweaty hormones ready to kill a man or 12.
In fact I mostly have the aircon set to a cold temperature (on warmer days) on 3D auto meaning it'll come on every few hours cool the room down to a set temp (usually between 18-23 degrees) and turn off until the temperature re climbs. DP will have it on 30 at constant while drying clothes. It's driving me mad, we've argued about it today but I'm being told I'm being unreasonable and that I should get over myself basically and that the heat isn't that bad. Well it is to me and though I probably sound stupid I feel a bit upset that he's completely disregarding the way I feel and making me so uncomfortable and it's not even for his comfort (if it was I'd compromise a bit) but so that he can dry clothes faster!

So, am I being U? If I'm not being U would I be unreasonable to put it on 3D auto at 18 degrees and hide it somewhere?

TobleroneBoo Tue 17-Oct-17 15:11:13


Is he even cold when you lower the temp, or just being awkward?

If hes cold, tell him to put on a jumper.

Your pregnancy comfort is more important, I'd say.

22Degreesofseperation Tue 17-Oct-17 15:18:53

No he's not cold or uncomfortable. It's literally just to dry the washing a bit faster!
Which makes it more infuriating....

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