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To perhaps thinks the more unhinged of us are happier? *Light hearted*

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BlueButTrue Tue 17-Oct-17 14:52:29

Maybe not just happier in general, but worry less?

I've quite a funny character, very passionate about cleaning hobby and I adore horses/outside. Really look forward to all these things and probably enjoy them more than I should - Making a lot of every day life nonsense go straight over my head.

I know a few similar people, very passionate and overly keen on things. They are generally more happy then very sensible and rational people I know, whom seem to have lice getting them down.

Looking too sensibly into things makes me quite depressive. For example, I'm due a baby soon and popping my happy bubble and looking at the 'reality' of some aspects of parenting hasn't helped me - it got me too fixated and I became very unhappy.

Back to thinking to my own beat/doing my own research and I feel incredibly more happy. I was fucking miserable before, when second guessing myself

What do you think?

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