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To think the new statementing process is just as bad as the old system

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dimondjedi9 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:24:34

I have a 10 year old who camhs and the paediatrician are starting the assessment for ASD, it is a painfully slow process.
I have been waiting months for an EHC assessment to start, it keeps being put back. I received an email saying that it’s finally going to panel this Thursday.
It’s so hard because my son is not coping at all in mainstream, he currently only does until 12:30 every day and spends most of the time in isolation.
He suffers from high anxiety also and it breaks my heart sending him there everyday.
My oldest has ADHD, ODD, CD and PTSD, six years ago we went through the same long winded process to obtain a statement for him, I ca believe that nothing has changed it’s still the same crap situation!
At least twice a week I’m chasing up camhs or the paediatrician, I’m so worried that he’s becoming so withdrawn and is falling so far behind his peers, year 6 is a crucial year.
Aibu to think that it shouldn’t take months when the school and myself are on at them all the time, the school can’t cope.
I was mortified to find out that the room my son is in everyday is little more than a cupboard with no windows and nothing on the walls to stimulate him, it’s hot and stuffy in there and they wonder why he falls asleep all the time, I would to in a hot airless room with nothing more than a little desk and a chair! Surely this can’t be a good environment for him to be in!

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