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To feel bloody shattered?

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VelvetSpoon Sun 15-Oct-17 23:56:41

Feel like I've not stopped this weekend.

Yesterday helped bf move house. He had movers to do the lifting, but they just moved everything into one room, massive pile of boxes bags and so on which I then unpacked and moved around. Cleaned kitchen. Went back to his old house, packed more stuff, cleaned. Brought that back, unpacked.

Then today, 2 trips to the tip. Did weekly food shop for me and DC. Washed and changed all our beds. Then back over to bfs , packing final bits and last cleaning, more unpacking at new place.

Came home, cooked a roast and batch cooked a load of mince. And made a start on work application for promotion...

Bf can't do too much physically as has long term serious back problem (and other health issues) hence why I did so much.

Knackered now though and the weekend is over!

VelvetSpoon Mon 16-Oct-17 07:57:37

And now I'm back at work. Like I've had no weekend at all!

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