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To think it's really rude when people text you asking a question then never acknowledge your reply?

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PolkaDottyOvenGlove Sun 15-Oct-17 15:25:32

This happens more and more. Either via text or via FB message, both of which show as 'read' when they've been read by the recipient.

In the past few days someone has text me asking for another friend's phone number. I replied with the number, she read it and didn't acknowledge my message.

A mum from the school sent me a FB message asking me what time and venue another child's party was this weekend. Again, I replied with the information, which she read but didn't acknowledge or thank me for.

At the beginning of the week a colleague text me asking for some help with her work (we job share, she is fairly new, boss was in a meeting, she needed quick answers as to how to do something). I sent a lengthy, helpful text back and again, no acknowledgement or reply even though she read it!

AIBU to think that this is fucking rude?

malmi Sun 15-Oct-17 15:46:34

Yes, it is rude

Greenkit Sun 15-Oct-17 15:54:41

Reply: -

Hi Did you get my last message?

Nikephorus Sun 15-Oct-17 16:04:52

Very rude & does my head in.

daisypond Sun 15-Oct-17 16:09:02

Maybe they're on PAYG where every single text message, no matter how short, carries a cost.

malmi Sun 15-Oct-17 17:43:29

Err OP it has been 2 hours since I answered your question and I've had no reply wink

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