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To ask what you think about this..

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Scuzzlet Sun 15-Oct-17 15:25:15

The other night myself and DP were watching a documentary. It was called Jo Frost Killer Kids I think.

It was about a 14 year old boy called Daniel Bartlam who had beaten his mum to death with a hammer then set the house on fire, after reportedly struggling wifh his mother and fathers divorce in 2011

His stepfather talks to Jo Frost in the documentary saying how he just used to stay in his room playing video games and never came downstairs. He used to draw murder scenes and other weird stuff. He also said he had urinated in plastic boxes and also defecated everywhere in his room. He made it sound like him and his mother just left Daniel to his own devices and ignored rather obvious and worrying signs that he was needing some sort of help.

I just can’t get this out of my head.. I think it’s awful.. he was a 14 year old child. I have a brother that age and if he was displaying such odd and disturbed behaviour our family would certainly do something. It just makes no sense and I feel like theres more to this story. Here’s a link to the daily mail where his stepfather talks about him if anyone wants to read it.

PootLovato Sun 15-Oct-17 15:55:16

I've not watched the documentary but reading the article, it feels like something is missing from it? It sounds like the parents just brushed it all off but I'm sure that can't be right and I would imagine they tried to put some support in place for him.

How tragic.

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