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To book a table for 2

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Namechanger2735 Sun 15-Oct-17 12:48:25

Rang a restaurant to book a table, I said "2 and a high chair" she said, "okay a table for 3 will be 19:45 at the earliest". I then went on their website, table for 2 18:15. I've never known a restaurant to class a highchair as an extra person, we'll still be given a small table that would be given for 2 people. No extra food will need to be made as DD will eat off my plate (and it's a carverh anyway!)
Do you think I'll be greeted with a frosty reception?

welshweasel Sun 15-Oct-17 12:50:50

Yes, probably! Plenty of restaurants have tables set close together so that a high chair wouldn't fit. And as you don't seem to want to buy a meal from them for your child I can't imagine they will be overly accommodating.

NeverEnoughSleep1 Sun 15-Oct-17 12:50:56

Possibly just because tables can be quite close together so where could a high chair go? It could mean having to move tables around that people are already sitting on and cause a lot of distribution to people in the middle of their meal

Namechanger2735 Sun 15-Oct-17 12:53:27

Some restaurants like Nando's you definitely couldn't fit a highchair between a table for 2 but this is the Toby carvery, not sure if they're all laid out the same but this one is a table for two against a wall, the other three sides of the table are available so I can't see it being a problem

MrTrebus Sun 15-Oct-17 12:54:39

YABU just stay home cook your own roast much nicer anyway and no hassle and you get it earlier!

Glumglowworm Sun 15-Oct-17 12:56:43

So what will you do if you turn up and they refuse to seat you because you booked what they consider the wrong table?

As PP have said, they probably consider a high chair to be an extra person due to space.

gunsandbanjos Sun 15-Oct-17 12:57:51

YADBU, I worked hospitality for years and bloody hated people that booked a table and only included the adults in the head count.

Your child might not need a normal seat but they still count as a person/space.

Had some absolute morons that asked for a table for 5 on a heaving Saturday night, then came back with 3 children in tow and had a shit fit because the table wasn't big enough. No shit Sherlock, you asked for a table for 5 and there's 8 of you.

NeverEnoughSleep1 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:06:06

The Toby Cauvery by me has some tables like you did rive but also ones close together that couldn't fit a high chair in between, your not guaranteed the table you want and it's not worth risking turning up and either being turned away and being hungry at that time with a small child or risking ruining other people's dinner when you know they haven't got space for 3 people to sit at a table weather that's a high chair or normal chair

MadeForThis Sun 15-Oct-17 13:08:28

Surely they know their own restaurant. You booked a table for two and a high chair. They told you the earliest time that type of table would be available.

blueskyinmarch Sun 15-Oct-17 13:10:47

You are being ridiculous. Of course a high chair takes up the space of one person. They told you when a table like that is available and you have chosen to ignore it so may be turned away.

Ecureuil Sun 15-Oct-17 13:18:10

Maybe they don’t have any free high chairs until then because lots of people with young children have booked earlier?

Ecureuil Sun 15-Oct-17 13:18:51

I’ve never been to a Toby Carvery but surely restaurants only have a limited number of high chairs?

SoupDragon Sun 15-Oct-17 13:29:42

As others have said, you need space for the highchair which takes up the same space as an ordinary chair.

BeyondThePage Sun 15-Oct-17 13:31:31

Not just space for a high chair, but availability needs to be taken into account too. What will you do if you turn up and there are none available.

yorkshireyummymummy Sun 15-Oct-17 13:34:49

You are not a table of two. You are a table of three. It matters not that you only have two people ordering and eating. A high chair can take up more room than a regular chair. They would be well within their rights to refuse to seat you. And you need to take into consideration that the restaurant may have all of the high chairs accounted for. Restaurants don't have a limitless supply of high chairs!!

Orangebird69 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:36:51

If you need a highchair, you need 3 seats. Ffs.🙄

Namechanger2735 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:41:30

If I need a highchair I need two seats and a highchair. It's not a big deal if they can't seat us, it's surrounded by lots and lots of other places to eat so we'll sort something I'm sure.
I don't think seating three is the same as two and a highchair as a single table wouldn't fit three plates, with cutlery either side and a drink each.. but would be fine for two and a high chair

Floralnomad Sun 15-Oct-17 13:42:45

There are 3 people present you need a table for 3 . I don't understand people who eat out and don't buy a meal for their child , does she eat off your plate at home ?

gunsandbanjos Sun 15-Oct-17 13:45:32

I love an AIBU where everyone says yes you are and OP maintains they're not.

Namechanger2735 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:46:31

floral not all children that are young enough to be in a highchair are capable of feeding themselves, or have an appetite big enough to need more than a few potatoes and veg off someone else's plate.

TheCatsMother99 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:48:11

I love an AIBU where everyone says yes you are and OP maintains they're not


Namechanger2735 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:48:42

Not maintaining I'm not being unreasonable at all. I asked for a reason, wouldn't have bothered if I knew I was right. Like I said it's surrounded by other restaurants so not really a big deal

FlandersRocks Sun 15-Oct-17 13:48:58

I don't understand people who eat out and don't buy a meal for their child

Really? The op hasn't said how old the baby is though. My ate off my plate in a restaurant yesterday..a carrot which I mushed with a fork.

He ate it instead of me. No extra food was provided. What's the problem?

BitOutOfPractice Sun 15-Oct-17 13:50:05

It’s not the space on the table. It’s the space around the table. Surely you can see that a high chair takes up just as much space (if not more) than an adult chair and the layout means they need to take that into account.

Yet another thread where the op asks if they ABU. MN answers a resounding YABU and the op says “no I’m not”.

confused123456 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:51:09

I think only the number of people purchasing a meal should be counted.
My husband used to work at a Toby Carvery, and most tables are close together.
We brought our ds a child's meal, so it was 3 meals (--I don't like children eating from a parents plate. Screams cheap to me--).

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