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to think our politicians aren't fit for the 21st century

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raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 14-Oct-17 23:21:45

We're on the verge of a massive revolution in technology - computers will be smarter than humans within 10-30 years (depending on who you listen to) and once there will keep on getting smarter. The amount of data we can process is immense.

We should be having discussions about what we'll do once the computers have all the work covered, while concerning ourselves with solving climate change and trying to make sure the computers don't take over or fuck it all up for us some other way (this is a real threat now, not sci fi).

If there was the political will, we could all live very comfortably, thank you very much.

But instead this government are hell bent on implementing austerity for ideological reasons, and Brexit for no good reason at all - it's a corner they've backed us all by mistake. Fucking farcical. But we're the ones who will suffer. Food prices will likely rise while standards will drop, the NHS will be trashed, human rights and workers rights will be damaged.

Why is all this even on the agenda?

Why the fuck are this government not doing more about climate change - the biggest threat ever to face humanity? Why are they not doing ANYTHING positive about putting technology at the centre of the agenda, the biggest opportunity humanity has been presented with? The limits to what's possible with technology is pretty much resources now, not our imaginations.

Are they even aware they live in the 21st century?

Total lack of vision, compassion or humanity.

We should all be a lot angrier about this shit show IMO. </rant>

BowlingShoes Sat 14-Oct-17 23:37:36

That we've come to a time when I find myself nodding along to Michael Heseltine when I see him on the news makes me realise how much politics has changed in this country, and not for the better. If I can look back fondly on the Major government then something has gone very wrong.

I think politics doesn't have the kudos it once had so less talented people are attracted to it as a career. People would rather go into business or finance now, so offering a better salary might help. Having said that, I would hope politicians would be motivated by a sense of doing a good job for the country, so money might not attract that sort of person so much. Also, politicians are so savaged by the media now that it probably puts people off.

I also think the whole system needs a shake up. Our Parliament seems antiquated in many ways. The country needs to switch to a PR system with a greater focus on consensus as the majority of policies at the moment seem focused on keeping the Party or grassroots happy rather than acting in the national interest.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 14-Oct-17 23:42:40

I think politics doesn't have the kudos it once had so less talented people are attracted to it as a career

Yes, this and

Also, politicians are so savaged by the media now that it probably puts people off

... this in spades.

A career in politics isn't exactly attractive is it? It's not where the brightest and the best are going is it? Unless you get off on the power ...

Totally agree with your last paragraph too BowlingShoes. Its' a system that's past its best and not up to dealing with modern life.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 14-Oct-17 23:44:39

It's <sigh>

Wish we had an edit button.

(Not bothered about other people's grammar but my own typos bug me!)

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sat 14-Oct-17 23:47:52

BowlingShoes what do you think could cause that shakeup?

I can't see any way it would happen outside of war or huge natural disaster, or the breakdown of global capitalism. None of which would be pretty!

Is there an easier / less destructive way it might happen?

Am I being defeatist?

ssd Sat 14-Oct-17 23:48:17

preview message button lets us edit messages

and FWIW I agree with you, though I like Corbyn.

BowlingShoes Sun 15-Oct-17 00:00:44

I wish I knew! I would have said as a nation, we don't really like change, but then we did vote for Brexit. With that and Trump, I do get a sense that anything could happen. It seems like the government is going to implode at some point over Brexit, but they might pull themselves back from the brink.

CaptainFlashHeart Sun 15-Oct-17 00:55:37

Why don't you become a politician then OP?

GrockleBocs Sun 15-Oct-17 01:07:10

Amber Rudd and her statement about people who know about hashtags.
The government insisting we need a backdoor for encryption whilst simultaneously hiding (Jeremy Hunt) when a USA government mandated backdoor brings down NHS hospitals.
Theresa May and David Cameron insisting the UK ISPs somehow control the Worldwide Web.
They don't know the bare minimum. Many people don't. But dear god, somebody needs to sit them down and do internet #101 with them. Age is no bloody excuse either. This stuff is in people's homes.

SilverySurfer Sun 15-Oct-17 01:18:58

We had a referendum and said no to AV, a form of PR, neither the Conservatives nor Labour want PR and there will not be another referendum on the subject in the foreseeable future. I've never nodded to anything Heseltine has to say, even less these days and I vote Conservative.

I would like to see a new rule introduced that any potential candidate has to have worked in a proper job for a number of years so they at least have some idea what the rest of the country is experiencing. That, of course, conveniently means Corbyn has to go since his politics are still entrenched in his university days. A proper job would be a shock to his system grin

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 01:37:43

Why don't you become a politician then OP?

Ha! I'm crap at public speaking and remembering stuff (got ADHD) and my past is far too interesting to be a politician. The press would crucify me!

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 01:40:42

GrockleBocs it's truly worrying isn't it sad

The plans for the "safe" UK internet the Tories are touting are so ridiculous I can't help wondering if there's something else going on. I mean - they can't really be that dim, can they?

CaptainFlashHeart Sun 15-Oct-17 01:58:35

So criticising instead of doing anything besides posting ona parenting forum.

teaandtoast Sun 15-Oct-17 04:40:06

Do we actually need politicians any more?
Why can't we vote via app on issues that are put forward by an independent Civil Service?

And why the fuck haven't we got a 3 day weekend yet?

makeourfuture Sun 15-Oct-17 07:50:36

this government are hell bent on implementing austerity for ideological reasons

They are not bumbling idiots. It is a concerted effort to force the poor (their interiors) to conform to the Right's Social Darwinistic view of the world.

makeourfuture Sun 15-Oct-17 07:55:25

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 07:59:20

CaptainFlashHeart WTF is your problem?

I'm not going to list all the ways I'm politically active because I doubt you care - I'll just point out that there are many, many ways of being involved with politics besides being an MP.

And yes, we should criticise MPs, they are elected to represent us. They are doing a terrible job of it right now.

Sharing ideas and talking about politics online is a political act - if it wasn't why do the political parties have shills here around election time trying to influence our conversations?

Do you think we should say nothing and let them get on with wrecking our children's future?

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 08:02:29

*Do we actually need politicians any more?
Why can't we vote via app on issues that are put forward by an independent Civil Service?*

Hmm not so sure about that - one word - Brexit.

With you on the three day week though.

Trailedanderror Sun 15-Oct-17 08:06:13

I'm not a Tory, so no dog in this race quite enjoying it in a 'schadenfreudey' way but watching Heseltine yesterday reminded me he'd not stood for the leadership after a heart attack 25 years ago, because he'd been seen as too old and frail. That looks like a bad call now.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 08:08:15

teaandtoast the problem with the public voting on everything is people are easily manipulated by the media and they're voting on issues they haven't necessarily considered in depth.

What if - in an ideal world - we all served 2 or 3 years as decision makers at some poimt in our lives. A bit like Jury service. At any time you'd have a certain percentage if the population making the decisions after learning about the issues they're voting on.

I wonder if it'd work ... what would be the shortcomings?

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 08:13:06

makeourfuture well quite. Austerity is a deliberate policy packaged as "our hand are tied, it's all Labour's fault".

The Tories have always been about cutting government, I don't understand why it isn't obvious to everyone it's what they want to do. Austerity is never going to end under the Tories, this is what they want it to be like.

That Brexit article looks good thanks smile

Frouby Sun 15-Oct-17 08:15:38

I have been thinking the same about politicians lately. That it is no longer the best and the brightest that are attracted to it. More the ones who weren't quite sharp enough to be top sales people but were ambitious enough to give it a shot.

I am a labour voter. I quite liked JC but now he makes me want to vote green. TM is a sacrificial goat to get us through Brexit. It helps she is a woman as it fills the woman quota for a few decades.

Meanwhile the good old boys queue up behind her jostling for a place at the front.

I watched Richard Branson on breakfast tv the other day and love him or loathe him you have to admire him. Why aren't people with his passion and drive and intelligence leading the country.

raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Sun 15-Oct-17 11:12:54

Why aren't people with his passion and drive and intelligence leading the country.

It's not as attractive as it used to be is it? If you want to make a real difference, get into tech.

What can be done to change that? People like Elon Musk have grand visions about making the world a better place - or perhaps more accurately plans to ensure the survival of the human race in the face of significant risks.

Maybe there's nothing we can do. Perhaps Parliamentary democracy has had its day. It's demonstrating time and again that it's not the best way to deal with urgent threats to humanity, nor the opportunities presented to us in the modern age.

What's the alternative though?

The80sweregreat Sun 15-Oct-17 11:36:39

Robots and AI is a real threat - still a few years off, but they will creep in and businesses will love it all , no real people to deal with, no pensions to pay out for or sickness benefits - they say that they will still need people to work the robots and fix them, but this wont be on a full time basis and the money saved on having the robot will pay the ones that will need to maintain them - maybe a few days a week or something.
Its not a future I want, but I think it will happen and lots more people wont have jobs. What will humans do then?

lljkk Sun 15-Oct-17 11:41:42

FFS, we can't get rid of war, polio or malaria & people like Elon Musk want to waste huge amount of resources trying to colonise a completely unsuitable planet (no magnetic field on Mars). What a bunch of idiots.

I agree with one small part about not-fit-for-purpose... I wish we had brave & principled politicians. Who would stop Brexit & Donald Trump.

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