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AIBU to complain about a delivery driver using sexist language?

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mouserat Sat 14-Oct-17 20:49:06

Earlier tonight I ordered food from a local branch of a national pizza company and the delivery driver who brought it twice referred to me as 'sweetheart'.
I am from the north of England and people (especially older people) referring to a stranger as 'pet' is a very common colloquialism where I live, but 'sweetheart' is not. Also he was not an older man who might have used something like that as part of his general speech pattern, he was probably in his late teens to at most 20-21. And he said it in a really condescending tone.

My first thought was that this was inappropriate and sexist (he wouldn't have said it to a man) language and shouldn't go unchallenged, but when I came to write an email of complaint to the company I started to wonder if I was being ridiculous and blowing things out of proportion. I'm not expecting an apology or anything from them, I'd just like someone to have a word with him about his language when speaking to female customers. Would it be unreasonable to make a complaint?

juneybean Sat 14-Oct-17 20:50:14

I can't get het up about this.

RunningOutOfCharge Sat 14-Oct-17 20:50:49

Lol me either

RunningOutOfCharge Sat 14-Oct-17 20:51:14

Someone will though....

KeepItAsItIs Sat 14-Oct-17 20:51:34

I honestly could not find the energy to get worked up about this, let alone sit and write a complaint!

CherryChasingDotMuncher Sat 14-Oct-17 20:51:48

This is definitely going to end up on the DM site

BowAndArrow Sat 14-Oct-17 20:52:09

To me, YABU.

You can't excuse an older man for doing it but condemn a younger one.

I don't see the issue at all, but I don't mind things like that.

BowAndArrow Sat 14-Oct-17 20:52:46

Can't you just eat the pizza and calm the fuck down?

notanotherNC Sat 14-Oct-17 20:52:50

Well it is everyday sexism. And I hate that sort of thing. But I think Dominoes or Pizza Hut will think you are mental if you complain. Not that I don't agree with your sentiment as I totally do.

paia Sat 14-Oct-17 20:53:16

YABU. Have you really not got bigger things to be occupying yourself with?

Antisocialarsebadger Sat 14-Oct-17 20:53:36

I don't like it, but it's not enough to complain. There's a woman that does it in my local Argos and it drives me crazy but I do think she's trying to be friendly.

FiveShelties Sat 14-Oct-17 20:53:38

Oh yes, do complain ---- and enjoy your Pizza when they next deliver to you.

user1493413286 Sat 14-Oct-17 20:54:07

I think it’d be better to have said something to his face along the lines of I’d rather you didn’t call me sweetheart rather than potentially risk his job for it.

Redglitter Sat 14-Oct-17 20:54:37

I can't believe it would even cross your mind to complain.

TittyGolightly Sat 14-Oct-17 20:54:58

A male waiter asked me the other day how come I'd arrived in a sports car, did it belong to my husband. His (female) boss overheard, saw my facial expression and gave him an instant lesson in sexism. I'd have given it if she hadn't, but I wouldn't have complained to his boss about him.

Cynara Sat 14-Oct-17 20:55:25

I am a pretty militant feminist. But I really couldn't be arsed getting worked up about this one; I'd rather just eat the pizza and move on.

MamaOfTwos Sat 14-Oct-17 20:55:34

You sound batshit

scrabbler3 Sat 14-Oct-17 20:56:18

You won't be taken seriously but you might get a voucher.

The best way to deal with this kind of thing is to ask the person using the word, to refrain from it.

ShakeShakeTheMuffin Sat 14-Oct-17 20:56:53

Ha ha. I had a delivery driver call me 'my love' today. He was definitely younger than me and yes it did annoy me slightly. Didn't say anything though. I would possibly challenge a work colleague, but not someone I'm unlikely to see again.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sat 14-Oct-17 20:57:13

I'd say he was trying to be nice even if it was patronising so I wouldn't complain-unless the pizza was cold!

AgentProvocateur Sat 14-Oct-17 20:57:41

Only a massive twat would write and complain about this. Don't be that twat.

sooperdooper Sat 14-Oct-17 20:58:16

Let it go....

VivaLeBeaver Sat 14-Oct-17 21:03:18

You either say something at the time or you leave it.

Someone in a gym class the other week called the male instructor out because he called her love. He was a bit shocked but said sorry and I don't think he would do it again.

WorraLiberty Sat 14-Oct-17 21:07:42

So it's ok to refer to someone as 'pet' but not 'sweetheart'?

When did you get to make these 'rules'?

My first thought was that this was inappropriate and sexist (he wouldn't have said it to a man)

He wouldn't have called a man 'pet' either, would he?

MotherOfDragons22 Sat 14-Oct-17 21:10:02

Get over yourself OP..

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