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To ask what your DP/DH does that you love the most?

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ethelfleda Sat 14-Oct-17 18:16:30

Inspired by another thread wink
and because there is a lot of negative stuff about people's partners on here

I love that my DH can make me laugh so much and completely turn my mood around when I have had a bad day.

I love that he is so good at DIY - and has spent nearly every weekend for months doing our house up for the arrival of our first child (due in November) while constantly telling me to put my feet up grin

I love that he is charming, charismatic, straight talking and very talented smile

Anyone else?

Bringbackpublicfloggings Sat 14-Oct-17 18:19:47

He get rid of the big hairy spiders for me...

Idrinkandiknowstuff Sat 14-Oct-17 18:22:10

He’s walked into town to get some cash and buy a takeaway cos I don’t want to shift my lazy arse off the sofa and he can’t drive cos he’s had a drink.

Bananalanacake Sat 14-Oct-17 18:24:13

I have to get rid of spiders for mine. He is my IT help and never gets impatient with me.

Nancy91 Sat 14-Oct-17 18:27:19

Aww what a nice thread!

Mine is kind to everyone, he's a really good person and always helps anyone in need.

Spider-wise he is scared of them but he rescues them rather than killing them. He is a sweetheart smile

PopcornFiend Sat 14-Oct-17 18:27:32

Great at DIY. Always does the washing up. Thinks I'm gorgeous even though I look like shit and have put on weight since having kids. Makes me laugh with stupid in jokes. Always wants the best for me & the children. He's a grumpy bugger sometimes but I love him for having such a good heart. And he's great in bed!

SayNoToCarrots Sat 14-Oct-17 18:32:12

He doesn't 'help me with the housework', he just does his fair share and would never consider himself doing me a favour when looking after our children.

He finds all my payslips and important documents that I have shoved 'in a safe place' and files them for me.

He takes my advice (if it's good) and he shares his.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 18:36:04

He let me have a wolfhound!
He makes me laugh.
He's kind and loving.
He's a great dad.
And I mentioned the wolfhound right?!?! grin

TigerBreadAddict Sat 14-Oct-17 18:38:45

He gets out of bed at 6 something to make me a cup of tea so that I can drink it before getting up for work

EverythingEverywhere1234 Sat 14-Oct-17 18:43:52

He makes me laugh all the time . He's just hilarious. He tells me I'm beautiful at least once a day. He loves my dog and cuddles and talks to him, and he was a man who disliked dogs strongly when we met. When he makes me a cup of tea (without asking), he always uses my favourite mug. He's the hardest worker I've ever met in my life.

I honestly could go on and on. He's incredible.

Bananamama1213 Sat 14-Oct-17 18:47:57

He brings me chocolate or cake home from work (supermarket) even when I say I don't want anything.

He lets me eat his food or snacks but wouldn't dream of touching mine unless I tell him I don't want it anymore.

He gets the spiders and wasps. (My job is the mice!)

He warms my towel in the tumble drier when I want to get out, and holds it out while I get out, then wraps me in the nice warm towel and hugs me. He doesn't even complain about doing it!

All I have to say is "you've got the kids tonight" or "you're doing bedtime" and he will.

He eats anything that I cook for tea - even if it's a bit burnt! As he says "you've spent time cooking this, I'll eat it". Even when I won't at it myself!

He can't stay mad at me for longer than 5-10 minutes. He ALWAYS apologises first.

There is a lot more things that I love, than I hate!

BabyLord Sat 14-Oct-17 18:48:23

He is a great stepdad and now i am pregnant with his child is so considerate of making DS feel included and extra loved.

He is a man of his word, if he says he will do something i know he will.

He always prioritises our family.

He does the washing up and takes the bins out because i hate doing those things the most.

He has a massive cock and is AMAZING in bed.

He's all mine grin9

sweetkitty Sat 14-Oct-17 18:49:46

He charges my phone for me.
Gets up at 7am with DS so I can have a lie in.
Does his share of the housework.
Is a great Dad always spends quality time with the DC.
Loves me

DragonMamma Sat 14-Oct-17 18:51:20

He has a big willy and knows how to use it.

He's also a brilliant dad with far more patience than me.

ethelfleda Sat 14-Oct-17 18:51:54

Awww some of these have actually made me slightly emotional! Aren't we lucky smile
although I am pretty awesome too

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 14-Oct-17 18:52:16

He gets up at sparrow fart even on his day off to drive me to the station for a 6am train. He shows he is thinking of me all the time - sometimes I get home and he's bought me a book, or he will warm my nightie in the tumble drier. He says loves me every day. He's gorgeous and funny and a great dad and hardworking.

We find out on Monday if his cancer has spread and I am shitting myself that I won't get to grow old with him.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 18:52:19

And he switches my electric blanket on before bedtime.
And does the kids Maths homework with them. (Game for 2? No thanks!)
Who says romance is dead!

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 18:53:35

And none.
Sorry. Massive x post.
Hoping for good news on Monday. May you get old disgracefully together.

NapQueen Sat 14-Oct-17 18:53:47

He is an amazing dad. We have a lie in each every weekend and on my turn he has the kids up and out fter breakfast so Im not disturbed and doesnt usually return til midday.

chickenowner Sat 14-Oct-17 18:55:39

He really makes me laugh.
He has a lovely nickname for me.
He's always kind.
He's patient with me when I'm anxious.
He catches spiders for me and puts them in the garden.
He cooks delicious food at the weekend. (I cook during the week).
When I (occasionally) have to get up in the middle of the night he sets the heating to come on so I'm not cold.
He buys excellent birthday and Christmas presents!

treaclesoda Sat 14-Oct-17 18:55:50

He has never spoken disrespectfully to me, has always treated me as his equal, does his fair share around the house, doesn't think he is doing me a favour by looking after his own children. All sorts of things really. He's not perfect, but then nor am I. He's just generally a decent human being.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 14-Oct-17 18:56:13

wolfie thank you smile

ethelfleda Sat 14-Oct-17 18:56:53

Andnone I really am sending positive thoughts your way flowers

treaclesoda Sat 14-Oct-17 18:57:20

AndNone flowers

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 14-Oct-17 18:57:35

Thanks ethel

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