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To be fed up of sexual fetishists on here?

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brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 12:56:45

So many threads at the moment that are obviously posters looking for wank fodder. Including disgustingly a fair number to do with children. So fed up of these. And so fed up of so many staying up for several days even though they are reported.

Dippingmytoesin Sat 14-Oct-17 12:59:28


They're ridiculous & people feed into it giving far too much info.

insancerre Sat 14-Oct-17 13:01:06

You're not wrong
But I don't know why so many people share so much of their parsons information with strangers
It's pretty obvious that regular posters aren't really interested in what knickers you wear, whether you wear any under pyjamas or if your teenage daughter wears tights
But still people answer

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:02:02

Yes. I fell for one as well, and now just feel sick. Involved a tiny child.

GerdaLovesLili Sat 14-Oct-17 13:02:18

Yes. It's making me quite terse.

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:02:42

And if you want sex tips, there is a big thing called google out there.

Iwanttobe8stoneagain Sat 14-Oct-17 13:03:40

Eh? Completely missed that. But any sexualisation of you kids is sickening

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:04:23

Yes insancerre if a stranger in real life asked what kind of knickers you wore, or even worse what kind of knickers your 7 year old DD wears, would you tell them? Of course not. So don't do it on here.

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:05:30

And periods and leaking is a sexual fetish for some men.

Allthelightsgoout Sat 14-Oct-17 13:07:33

I agree. I also worry about the ones (there's been a few recently) encouraging women to describe their experiences of sexual assault or abuse.

GerdaLovesLili Sat 14-Oct-17 13:07:56

The repetition of unlikely-sounding posts (about children's toiletting, underwear, uniforms, accidental nudity, pee, poo or embarrassing tampon situations for example) is horrifying, as is lots of other posters' desire to keep sharing intimate stuff without thinking why they're sharing it.

insancerre Sat 14-Oct-17 13:11:24

There's one at the moment about a child wetting herself at school

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:11:58

They are sharing naively thinking they are helping a woman. I have done it naively. But it is beyond a joke now. So so many sexual fetishists threads that it is obvious MN is a target for so many for so many of them.
In many other places on the net, they would either be quickly banned, or shouted down. Here their threads sometimes run for days, any anyone trying to point out the obvious gets banned for troll hunting.

sinceyouask Sat 14-Oct-17 13:12:34

Yanbu at all, it's vile.

ZeppelinBend Sat 14-Oct-17 13:15:29

YANBU, there really needs to be a clamp down on what sort of thing is mentioned with regards to kids especially. There's a lot to be said that on some fetish websites you would be banned to mention children with regards to their underwear etc but you can do here. Maybe that's why the weirdos come to parenting websites to get their kicks.

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:18:06

And people here are talking about real kids, not imaginary ones.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Sat 14-Oct-17 13:20:27

Personally I couldn't give a shit if I'm feeding a fetishist if what I post helps other women too. So I will gladly discuss mentrual cup use, sexual stuff, etc as as far as I'm concerned, sharing information is a big part of what MN is about. Sod the pervs.

insancerre Sat 14-Oct-17 13:21:09

Just reported that thread and mumsnet are on it already

VikingVolva Sat 14-Oct-17 13:23:22

'In many other places on the net, they would either be quickly banned, or shouted down.'

If you attempt shouting down, you are the one who will be facing the suspension/ban, if accounts of MNHQ's actions over the last couple of months have any truth to them.

PortiaCastis Sat 14-Oct-17 13:23:59

Yes an I'm increasingly appalled at the amount of posters who share details of their dds underwear. You wouldn't tell a randomer in the street what colour your dds knickers are so FFS don't overshare on here, some things are better unsaid even if you're trying to help.
Also my dds periods are her business and nobody else's and she'll ask me for help if she needs it

MrsOverTheRoad Sat 14-Oct-17 13:24:25

Brasty I don't think the thread is one of those threads. I know the thread you mean by the way.

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:25:08

Yes I know. Which is why sexual fetishists are flocking to MN. They don't get shouted down, because that leads to those shouting getting banned. And they often don't get deleted by mods.

AccidentalyRunToWindsor Sat 14-Oct-17 13:25:38

I had no idea that was a thing people did.

Ugh, vile.

brasty Sat 14-Oct-17 13:25:50

MrsOverTheRoad I really hope not. But I think it is and I feel a bit sick now.

Shockers Sat 14-Oct-17 13:25:59

I must be terribly naive; I posted on the toileting thread.

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