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To think this is just a heat rash? (Pic included)

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namechangefordummies Fri 13-Oct-17 02:04:18

Hi - so I'm currently in Asia for work and won't be back until Monday... No chance of a doctor until then unless I go through a right old insurance faff so I wanted to canvas opinions on something DH is convinced is a lot worse than I think it is...

I had an insect bite on the inside of my knee a couple of weeks ago. I got it in the UK.It's since cleared up and I haven't seen anything there for a few days. However, yesterday I noticed a very very itchy rash in a circle around the healed area. I'd been wearing trousers all day and had been quite hot so I think this is a heat rash and that the only reason the bit in the middle isn't covered is that it's only just healed. Nothing major. It responds to hydrocortisone cream which is helpful. No other symptoms at all.

DH is convinced it's an infection and wants me to find a doctor asap. I think he's worried about malaria or Lyme disease or something equally OTT. He's a bit of a worry wart so I've ignored him so at but the rash has got darker today... haven't told him...

Surely I'm right though aren't I... just a heat rash? Or at least something equally innocuous? Please vindicate me!

steff13 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:23:19

I'm with your husband.

steff13 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:24:04

It looks very similar to a bullseye rash. May be nothing, I wouldn't risk it.

Hidingtonothing Fri 13-Oct-17 02:25:17

I'd want that looked at OP, sorry 😐

Shootfirstaskquestionslater Fri 13-Oct-17 02:26:01

I'm with your DH on this one I think you need to get that checked out a heat rash doesn't look like that.

steff13 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:27:12

When any of us have had heat rash, they've been little spots like pimples, over a wider area then that.

steff13 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:27:18


Seren85 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:29:31

That doesn't look like any hear rash I've had. It looks quite raised and painful. I'd we a doctor.

WellThisIsShit Fri 13-Oct-17 02:32:51

My heat rash doesn't look like that. What's a bullseye rash?

Are you in Asia on business & therefore in a hotel? Can you ask the hotel to arrange an appointment with a doctor? That facility is always listed in those folders in the hotel room.

Failing that can a colleague of hotel reception give you a contact for a gp equivalent doc? I've been whilst in Singapore & Thailand in my lunchtime, they tend to have loads of appointments and drop in times, so an easier prospect than trying to visit a gp in the U.K.!

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 13-Oct-17 02:32:54

Nope. Not a heat rash. Classic bulls eye rash. You need to a doctor.

steff13 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:34:09

A bullseye rash comes from a tick bite, and is a symptom of Lyme disease.

Ploppie4 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:37:39

It’s not heat rash. I get heat rash. It’s Lyme disease maybe? Needs antibiotics quickly.

Ohb0llocks Fri 13-Oct-17 02:37:51

That is not a heat rash!!

Ploppie4 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:39:37

The knock on effect of Lyme disease can be awful. Don’t leave it

TKRedLemonade Fri 13-Oct-17 02:43:29

Medic here. Def not a heat rash. You def need to get seen it could be Lyme (may not be but could be

shakingmyhead1 Fri 13-Oct-17 02:44:54


namechangefordummies Fri 13-Oct-17 05:23:21

Oh shit ok! Thanks all. I'll go to a doctor today!!

namechangefordummies Fri 13-Oct-17 05:26:53

I'm more annoyed that DH was right!!

WellThisIsShit Fri 13-Oct-17 16:06:17

How are you OP?

Aquamarine1029 Fri 13-Oct-17 16:37:58

That is NOT a heat rash. Get to a doctor.

helpmefast Fri 13-Oct-17 17:09:24

Any update op?

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 13-Oct-17 18:11:06

Lyme disease is endemic in some parts if Asia, not all. But ticks can carry all sorts of diseases you REALLY don't want. I'd see a doctor, or if you really can't get to one you can go to a pharmacy as a lot of Asian countries will sell antibiotics over the counter.

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 13-Oct-17 18:14:51

Just realised you got the bite in the UK. In that case Lyme is a genuine possibility,sorry!

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 13-Oct-17 18:17:15

I’m glad you are getting that seen to.

namechangefordummies Sat 14-Oct-17 04:12:23

Update: so I found an English speaking doctor after a right old faff... he took a look and looked a bit confused for a while - kept asking if I had a fever. I had to keep repeating - "it's 32 degrees... no fever, I'm just hot!"...

he ended giving me 5 days worth of antibiotics, antihistamines and some sort of hydrocortisone cream that's stronger than the over the counter stuff.

He kept saying it's not serious but the three types of tablet and the cream suggest otherwise?

I'll pop to my GP when I'm back on Monday. DH being smug. Thanks all!

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