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To be sick of nasty kids

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charmedrose Thu 12-Oct-17 21:13:20

Have kids always been so cruel? My 13 year old dgd came home from school the other day upset after a boy called her a "fat bitch". The thing is, she isn't fat but now she's thinking maybe she is. Do you have to be perfect these days to get through school without being called names. From what she tells me a lot of the kids sound awful, always someone getting picked on. Why can't they just be bloody nice to each other. Sorry for ranting, i'm just sick of it.

gttia Thu 12-Oct-17 21:40:42

Yes me too. We live next door to an awful kid.
We are quiet, not nosy, keep ourselves to ourselves, yet he terrorises us. To the point we will move. My own children are no angels but if I caught them behaving in way I'd deal with them!

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