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To want to have a nice chat about the cosmetic surgery you've had

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TerracottaTurtles Thu 12-Oct-17 21:03:59

I always said I was going to age naturally.
Until - early 50s - I start to look like shit.
Deep crows feet - didn't bother me til they started to creep down my cheeks.
My chin has got those strange wrinkles that Gordon Ramsey had before he got filled.
So, tell me what you've had done and were you happy with it.

TerracottaTurtles Thu 12-Oct-17 21:08:28

These are the Gordon Ramsey cheek lines I'm rocking at the moment. Though not as bad - yet.

Tryingtokeepfit Thu 12-Oct-17 21:20:06

Botox is brilliant. Just a little twice a year. Keeps my wrinkles from turning into deep lines.

I also have a perma-lip implant. It's a little permanent silicone implants that sits inside my lip. It never needs re fitting and saves on the expense and pain of having regular lip fillers! (Cost £1000 per lip)

CointreauVersial Thu 12-Oct-17 21:21:43

I had a nose job at 22 - best thing I ever did.

Tryingtokeepfit Thu 12-Oct-17 21:22:10

Forgot to say, yes I am happy with them. The permalip is so natural as I went for a medium size. Noone would guess I had it. It doesn't look 'ducky' like lip fillers do on the celeba. You cou feel it with your fingers, but cannot tell from kissing (my partner and previous partner say they cant feel it)

TerracottaTurtles Thu 12-Oct-17 21:23:42

See, I'm worried that I'm beyond Botox - crows feet are already deep!

TerracottaTurtles Thu 12-Oct-17 21:46:57


Namechangetempissue Thu 12-Oct-17 21:53:23

I've not had anything yet, but I'm not adverse to it.
Four of my friends have had boob jobs and all regret them. They all had them done when the fashion was massive plastic balls like Victoria Beckham had and all went far too big for their frames. Consequently all now struggle with clothes, and two are considering a removal.
Have seen a few amazing nose jobs on work colleagues!

Tryingtokeepfit Thu 12-Oct-17 21:59:04

I thought the same OP. But the Botox relaxes get muscles so you can't grown and it's surprising how much they smooth out after Couple of weeks.

isitme88 Thu 12-Oct-17 21:59:07

Boooobs! After babies. Went from AA to C. Best thing I ever did. Cheek fillers imo are a NO. The rest is up to you

over40andpregnant Thu 12-Oct-17 22:02:38

Place marking
In case lipo v tummy tuck is discussed
This is on my wish list

Jellybean85 Thu 12-Oct-17 22:05:12

Oooh if anyone pops up who's had a boob job please share how you feel about it!!! I lost a lot of weight and I'm not very happy with the way my boobs have stayed, I feel so flat and inadequate

RefuseTheLies Thu 12-Oct-17 22:05:37

Breast reduction and a tummy tuck. Both fantastic.

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 12-Oct-17 22:11:56

I'm so torn on this - If I had plenty of money I would get a tummy tuck (horrible c section overhang) and cannot get rid of my mum tum. My boobs are tiny, which bothers me more at some times than others, but I've heard of too many boob job horror stories so not sure I'd do them. But my face is looking older than its 36 years all of a sudden and has a lot of lines on it lately so I would definitely consider botox, but I can't afford to do it as regularly as it'd need doing. Maybe in a few years when I'm earning more....

Emlou07 Thu 12-Oct-17 22:22:13

Nose job at 21. Completely 100% changed my life. Worth every penny and ounce of pain!

MeganChips Thu 12-Oct-17 22:25:36

I've had a tummy tuck. I am far from perfect but I no longer have to fold it into my pants when I get dressed.

I'm glad I did it but make sure your expectations are realistic.

Scuzzlet Thu 12-Oct-17 22:26:46

I had a nose job at 21 too. Over a year on and it is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done.

sailorcherries Thu 12-Oct-17 22:36:08

I want a nose job, breast uplift and possible augmentation, tummy tuck if my c-section belly doesn't improve and botox.

whyowhyiwhy Thu 12-Oct-17 22:39:42

Tummy tuck which is now 10 years old. Best money I've ever spent (5k)Currently PG and over halfway through with no bump... strong stuff. Botox x2 a year keeps me from looking 'tired'

Teeth veneers.. 2.5k.... amazing. No regrets

44PumpLane Thu 12-Oct-17 22:46:51

I have had my teeth straightened and had my eyes lazered so I didn't have to wear glasses.

We'll have to see what happens with my runny but after a c section with twins my stomach muscles have split and I have overhang so thinkingnof getting the muscles stitched and tummy tuck, and probably boob lift!

PressForPancakes Thu 12-Oct-17 22:51:37

I would quite like bigger lips but worry I'd look trouty. Can somebody who has had this done please post a picture of their non-trouty lips? halo

TerracottaTurtles Thu 12-Oct-17 22:54:50

I'd love to have my eyes lasered but have heard a few well one actually horror stories.

Also, read that if you have Botox for crows feet, it accentuates the bags/lines under your eyes !

Cosmeticjunkie73 Thu 12-Oct-17 23:49:10

I've had lots done ( and NC as outing )

Boob job £4000
Mini stomach tuck & lipo £5000
Lipo on hips & thighs £ 3000
Laser surgery for my eyesight. £ 2500
Gastric sleave lost 5 stone doing this and by far the best thing I've ever done. £6000 as it was done in Europe so a lot cheaper than the uk .
Teeth whitening £700

I've had no problems with any of the operations recovered from them just fine

I would love another boob job but my boobs are perfectly fine as they are they are not to big just firm and look very natural so I probably won't

People are surprised when Ive said what I've had done as it's not obvious

I don't have any issues with my looks I just wasn't happy with my body and if I'm truthful im probably still not 100 percent happy but I'm 44 and look 10 years younger so I can't moan about that

I am lucky in that I have very good skin don't smoke so no wrinkles or bad skin from smoking

If you have a loose stomach from c-section or yo yo dieting no amount of of lipo will work in fact it might make it worse
But a tummy tuck and lipo together which is often what is offered is much better as the stomach is nice and tight from the t-tuck and the lipo smooth it out
In my experience Lipo works better on solid areas like thighs rather than a lose area like a stomach from a c-section

MollyWantsACracker Fri 13-Oct-17 00:00:00


BeALert Fri 13-Oct-17 03:45:41

Having seen how SIL has turned out I'm having nothing done.

She wasn't aging badly at all before the work but she's always been paranoid about losing her looks.

She used to have big eyes, high cheekbones, and a gorgeous smile. Now her face is all kind of swollen, her eyes are hidden away, and her lips don't really move, so her smile is all weird.

Her lipo went fine though.

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