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Party problems

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Jakeyboy1 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:38:19

Sorry need to vent and need suitable advice...

DD has 4th bday party on the weekend. Last few days several have dropped out. Basically because they have something better on... football lesson moved time, decided to have family over, etc etc.

Whilst it's just a kids party at the same time I am so upset for my little girl and feel like she has no friends, plus I am £200+ out of pocket for hardly any kids!

No we haven't offended anyone as far as I know and my little girl is generally fawned over by them all. I just think it's bloody rude! AIBU? Oh and hit me with your best passive aggressive responses....

Crescend0 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:46:56

Sorry to hear this. How many are actually coming?

stella23 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:48:04

How many do you have coming?

Ttbb Thu 12-Oct-17 20:48:55

That's really rude.

Jakeyboy1 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:50:27

At the mo I'm down to 14 from 20. I have a suspicion of another 4 that may drop out due to the football issue.

Fruitcorner123 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:51:25

That's crap of people OP. How many have you got and are there back up people you could invite?
At 4 though as long as you have a handful of the people she actually plays with I bet she won't even notice. What kind of party is it?

Jakeyboy1 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:53:13

Working on back ups. Feels v short notice tho!

Hopefully she won't notice but I have 😬 just feel a bit sad for her.

Fruitcorner123 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:54:11

Sorry cross post. I Think 14 is more than enough even fine. My DD does football but she would miss it for a friends party so hopefully those 4 have made that decision too. How about suggesting siblings are welcome to boost the numbers. DD is too young to notice if she has 10 friends but if you've paid for 20 you might as well try and make numbers up a bit.

Jakeyboy1 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:54:58

@Fruitcorner123 I know I just wouldn't have paid £200 for soft play for 10 I'd have done it at home!

Raven69351 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:57:00

It's very rude, considering they seem to be quite close friends of DD.

Do you mean that the children or parents are fond of DD? Because from the parents' perspective, if they don't particularly know DD, they probably don't think it's important for their child to go to her party.

Jakeyboy1 Thu 12-Oct-17 21:07:20

@Raven69351 well I thought the parents were fond but who knows!

Queenofthedrivensnow Thu 12-Oct-17 21:15:33

It's very rude. I would never revoke an rsvp unless my child was ill - I know the parent has spent the money it's not on!

KC225 Thu 12-Oct-17 23:17:34

It's annoying but if an activity has been changed there is little you can do. I would contact a few.of the partebt who are coming and say you can bring siblings as we have had a few drop outs. Saves you losing any money and they parents.are always grateful

Bringmewineandcake Thu 12-Oct-17 23:42:48

That is so rude! I have my DD’s 5th birthday in a couple of weeks and am dreading drop outs at £15 per person.
At least they let you know I suppose rather than just not turning up? <trying to find a positive...>
Could you text them along the lines of “Oh no, dd will be so disappointed! I’ve already paid for child’s place so if you can make it that would be really great”. Passive aggressive but friendly at the same time smile

Fruitcorner123 Fri 13-Oct-17 08:18:52

That is annoying that it's soft play. The parents know you have paid per head so it is rude even if football has changed. You go to whatever event you have rsvp'd to first. Hopefully it will be 14 rather than 10. As a pp said I would only ever drop out if my child was ill.

Fruitcorner123 Fri 13-Oct-17 08:20:17

You could send bringmewineandcake '@?s text but I bet you dont really want them there now.

Notcool1984 Fri 13-Oct-17 11:45:12

Sorry that is crap and I am currently having same issues. It is a parent thing so don't worry about it being a reflection on your wee one. It is just inconsiderate to agree and pull out.

coddiwomple Fri 13-Oct-17 11:48:22

It's so unpleasant, but unfortunately so many are just rude and thoughtless. It's very common for people to drop out once they get a better offer.

The party can still be very good. If you have paid anyway, do you have nieces and nephews who could be invited at short notice? Little neighbours?

KoalaD Fri 13-Oct-17 11:48:39

Beyond rude. What is wrong with people? You accept the invitation, you turn up (bar serious illness).


ILoveMillhousesDad Fri 13-Oct-17 11:51:30

Ah that is poo.

I think you will notice more than dd.

Once they are all running around mad, she won't care.

Hope she has a fab day - which I'm sure she will.

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