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monkeyemoji Thu 12-Oct-17 19:54:27

During a GP appointment abouts oenthing unrelated my GP did a set of obs and was concerned about my heart rate. She asked if I could feel my heart racing (I didn’t) because I had a resting heart rate of 134. She got me back in the next day for a 2 minute ecg which appeared normal but she wanted me to have a 24 hour trace just to be sure.

The 24hr trace showed a heart rate of over 145 BPM 11 times in a 24hr period despite it being a normal day which didn’t include any exercise (and an office based job) In that 24 hrs she asked me to press a button when I was aware of my heart going faster or felt any flutters. I only pressed the button 7 times so there were 4 episodes of ‘palpitations’ which I wasn’t even aware of.

GP said that it was a little concerning so she wrote to the Paliptations clinic to see if they thought it needed investigating further (although she said they probably wouldn’t want to but as she isn’t an expert she wanted to check) Had a letter today which said I need to book in to cardiology for ‘further treatment or advice’

Has anyone had any experience of this? I don’t know what to expect at the cardiology appt.

Thanks for reading- I know it’s a boring one

monkeyemoji Thu 12-Oct-17 19:57:45

How do I ask for this thread to be moved? I didn’t realise I posted in AIBU?

Minidoghugs Thu 12-Oct-17 19:58:42

I don't know much about this but I remember former PM Tony Blair had something similar. He had an small op and was back running the country in no time

Minidoghugs Thu 12-Oct-17 19:59:33

Report your thread to mnhq using the report button if you want it moved.

Hulababy Thu 12-Oct-17 20:02:57

I have a fast heart rate quite often (tachycardia of about 120+) but not generally aware unless I have proper palpitations. Its currently at 94bpm and I am sat on the sofa, feet up and have been for the past 40 minutes or so, on my laptop, quiet house, no one else in. This is fairly low for me. I have an Apple watch so can check as and when.

Those I do feel - its like a bubble happens lower down my throat and then my heart properly races - we are talking 200+ bpm. This can last anything from a few seconds to several minutes. Longest has been 3 or 4 hours+.

I have had investigations and was in hospital on the Cardiac care unit for a couple of nights after one bad episode. I have also done a couple of 24 hour monitor tests and a 48 hour one.

If I have been in hospital for other reasons the tachycardia always comes up - I have to persuade them that I am okay to go home, that the faster heart rate is normal for me and not a sign of infection or anything.

Nothing abnormal was found. I just have a fast heart rate. Its been the same regardless of my fitness levels and my weight, and my diet too. I have been told that the palpitations are safe - well, it could be a cause for concern if lasted more than 48 hours, but on the whole not an issue.

So, try not to worry. They will probably take a medical history, maybe some bloods, they may want to do one of the treadmill test things (that would be at a different appointment), and possibly another 24 or 48 hour monitor test too. But it doesn't always have to mean there is a problem.

cardibach Thu 12-Oct-17 20:05:53

I had palpitations for a while. I was aware of them, but I imagine the investigation and treatment will be the same. I had a heart scan, an ECG and a heart monitor for 7 days.
I didn’t need treatment as they decided it was stress related and it went away on its own after a while.

SquareSophia Thu 12-Oct-17 20:06:19

I had this several years ago. I could feel my heart going mental. I took myself to A&E. Turns out my heart was going at 210 beats per minute. They took me straight into the emergency resuscitation room and gave me injections of something. I think it was called adenosine. It made no difference.

Eventually it calmed down by itself but they kept me in overnight then sent me home with beta blockers for a month. If it happened again they would want to put a wire into the artery in my leg up into my heart and burn off the offending areas causing the issue. The condition was called SVT. It sounds scary but it’s not dangerous.

Try not to worry! If you have SVT it’s sorted easily. Xx

Stoptherideiwannagetoff Thu 12-Oct-17 22:25:09

OP do you drink tea? I know it sounds strange but I had similar situation and eventually a junior doctor advised cutting it out completely - I drank a LOT of tea - i did as she suggested and touch wood, no symptoms for months now. May be worth a try. Hope you get some answers soon flowers

EdinaMonsoon Thu 12-Oct-17 23:16:04

Possibly SVT. I had the condition for 16 yrs before it was diagnosed. Came on randomly - ie could happen during exercise but equally likely to occur whilst relaxing with a book. Could last anywhere between a few seconds to a few hours. It's usually diagnosed when the heartbeat is seen to drop suddenly back in to regular rhythm rather than a gradual slowing. I had a procedure called Slow Pathway Ablation & have been symptom-free ever since (14 years ago).

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