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To not have a f-ing clue what to buy DSD for her 19th birthday?

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whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 14:40:19

Ok, not strictly my DSD but anyway, NOT THE POINT.

She's going to be 19. DP is up to his ears so I've rashly offered to handle the birthday present shopping but have subsequently realised I haven't a clue. And I have to have it sorted for Sunday. Fuckity fuck.

She's terribly sophisticated. Just started university. Used to the finer things in life. Claire's accessories isn't going to hack it, in other words. I like her a lot, know her reasonably well but am completely at a loss.

I realise IABVU for blatantly posting here for traffic, but I'M DESPERATE.

DP is paying so happy to spend £££s.

Please help. Sensible creative ideas which make me look clued up gratefully received.

Got her a pricey slouchy shoulder bag last year. It was a hit and she takes it everywhere. But now I have a rep to protect. Etc. And she's literally the only teenage/young adult girl I know. I don't remember myself at that age aside from the fact I was significantly less sophisticated...

Fuck. Please help!


JacquesHammer Thu 12-Oct-17 14:42:07

One of the high end beauty palettes thats out? Anastacia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance is lovely (the newer subculture palette has had issues). Urban Decay Vice?

SaucyJack Thu 12-Oct-17 14:43:13

Is she away at uni? Something she can keep in her room like a coffee machine?

YogiYoni Thu 12-Oct-17 14:43:56

Fjallraven backpack for uni?
Make up brushes?
Slouchy scarf?
Paperchase stuff
Snuggly PJs and/or great dressing gown for halls of residence?
Cards against Humanity?

Bonelessbanquet Thu 12-Oct-17 14:44:56

Urban outfitters/paperchase?

19lottie82 Thu 12-Oct-17 14:46:05

Ask her?

whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 14:46:07

No room in her room for anything very much - it's a shoe box! Other ideas all good - thank you - pls keep them coming.

Fjallraven backpack especially interesting thought... May well end up being a combination of several of these!

You're all wonderful.

whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 14:47:47

19lottie82 no can't do that. That's a cop-out! Surely? Although maybe you have a point... Um...

I just wanted to go 'ta-dahhhh!!" and deliver the PERFECT present. Because I'm a dick, obvs.

Raven69351 Thu 12-Oct-17 14:48:43

I agree with the eyeshadow palette idea.

Other ideas: Ted Baker purse/bag, nice scarf, also Ted Baker pencil cases are nice.

BeachysFlipFlops Thu 12-Oct-17 14:49:04

Fjallraven rucksacks are great.

Also the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes..

Mac lipsticks

Wireless speakers like UE Boom speakers

BigApple11 Thu 12-Oct-17 14:51:00

A Sonos play1 and a 12 month subscription to Apple Music / Spotify ?

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 12-Oct-17 14:52:12

She is 19 - at uni - she'll want cash!

whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 14:52:16

Sonos - genius. Will find out if she already has...

noeffingidea Thu 12-Oct-17 14:52:32

Money or vouchers. Or alternatively just ask her.Why does it have to be a surprise?

whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 14:52:45

Allthebestnamesareused trust me - she has cash. That's partly the problem here...

imokit Thu 12-Oct-17 15:03:39

amazon voucher/prime subscription - thats what I wanted in uni life - people enabling me to buy the junk i wanted guilt free.

whycantwegoonasthree Thu 12-Oct-17 15:03:56

Thank you thank you thank you...

LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Thu 12-Oct-17 15:08:12

A nice wallet she can put all her cash in?

BlackPepperCrab Thu 12-Oct-17 15:11:24

When I was 19 I got a Breville espresso machine for my birthday. Loved it so much since it fitted in perfectly with my Uni waking hours. Also got a Brompton which is great for school if she’s into cycling.

parkingwarqueen Thu 12-Oct-17 15:12:28

If she has an iphone and likes her music then perhaps some Airpods? The wireless earphones.

Lily2007 Thu 12-Oct-17 15:13:28

Cashmere jumper / dress / scarf and gloves in correct size of course
Liberty has lots of nice things in its patterns like umbrellas etc

19lottie82 Thu 12-Oct-17 15:14:13

OP, definitely not a cop out to ask! I have 2 DSDs aged 13 and 17 and have lost count of the times DH and I have bought them something we think they'd like, only for it never to be seen again (is total waste of money)!

YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 12-Oct-17 15:17:41

How long ‘til her birthday? Hand made, design-your-own, custom made Converse?

MyrtleMaracas Thu 12-Oct-17 15:18:21

'She is 19 - at uni - she'll want cash!'

Yes and just get few things like body spray, chocolate and socks to open. 19yr olds ime rarely like what their parents buy for them.

KarateKitten Thu 12-Oct-17 15:19:11

Naked palette?

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