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Sleep separately from partner and baby?

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TigerBubbles Thu 12-Oct-17 13:45:00

Hi all. It's my first post so bear with me. Lo is 4 months old and had dreadful colic for the first 12 weeks. After finally settling down and having established a routine where she was sleeping through the night, teething turned up just as I went back to work.
Heres the problem. I have to do at least one night shift a week which means I don't make it home and in to bed until about half 12/1 in the morning. My partner puts LO to bed but doesnt stick to the routine I've worked so hard to get her in. He then talks in his sleep and snores so loud, not only keeping me awake but also waking the baby. Although he is meant to do the night feed (if there's one) on nights I have worked, he pretends he cant hear her so I have to wake him up then he grumbles and moans because he has work the next day (I also do 2 day shifts a week - 1 on a weekend so my partner has her) and because she is becoming restless due to her teeth so I end up doing the feed then getting back up the next day with the baby to take her to the child minder so I can do a day shift.
What i want to know is AIBU to sleep in the spare room on nights I have worked and have work the next day so I don't have to deal with l.o? I am exhausted by the lack of sleep while he snores away.
Sorry this is so long winded!

squoosh Thu 12-Oct-17 13:46:23

Get yourself into the spare room on that night and save your sanity.

EditionMama Thu 12-Oct-17 13:49:11

YANBU, do it!

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