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AIBU to make a cake in laws can't eat

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thiskittenbarks Thu 12-Oct-17 11:50:57

It's DPs big birthday this weekend. I'm making him a cake. In laws are coming to visit. But none of them will be able to eat the cake I am making.
In order to make a cake they could eat it would have to be a gluten free vegan cake with no fruit or veg or spice in it. DPs fave cake is carrot cake, so that's problematic already. Every birthday it has to be gluten free vegan and he gets really annoyed about it as he says they taste like saw dust. I'm sure it is possible to make a nice gluten free vegan cake (in fact I've done it before), but it's his birthday and it's about him surely?? He loves buttercream and kinder buenos. Would you be annoyed if you were my in laws and came to and there was a gluteny buttery cake, covered in kinder buenos? Do I have to make a separate cake for them?

Mulch Thu 12-Oct-17 11:52:21

Yea I'd just go with separate cakes it's his bday let him enjoy gluten

FindTheLightSwitchDarren Thu 12-Oct-17 11:52:35

Yanbu. Make the cake your dp would like and then buy some gluten free, vegan flapjacks / tray bakes / brownies / whatever they like.

DrRisotto Thu 12-Oct-17 11:53:39

YANBU at all, it's his birthday and carrot cake is amazing.

Can you buy a gf cake from Sainsbury's? Or something from Holland and Barrett?

Wishingandwaiting Thu 12-Oct-17 11:54:04

No,buy them a really nice gluten free cake.


dementedpixie Thu 12-Oct-17 11:54:10

Make what your dp wants as it's his birthday. Maybe a small one for them (can you buy them?)

WiIdfire Thu 12-Oct-17 11:54:17

Make a proper 'normal' cake for him, then some cupcakes in a matching theme that are suitable for the in-laws.

No way should his cake not be covered in butter cream and chocolate and all things delicious.

Twistmeandturnme Thu 12-Oct-17 11:54:32

His cake should be to his taste. Provide something for them but don't feel obliged to make it the birthday cake.
Carrot cake covered in a cream cheese frosting and kind Buenos sounds fab to me!

Aquamarine1029 Thu 12-Oct-17 11:54:42

Make the carrot cake for your child and buy a vegan whatever for the in-laws. It's really not that complicated.

BelligerentGardenPixies Thu 12-Oct-17 11:55:26

Could you make them a small loaf cake, just so they've got something to munch on too? Could you buy something in if you haven't time?

I don't think it's unreasonable for your DH to have the cake he likes on his birthday but I think it's a little bit off not to have something else that they could also partake in.

NikiBabe Thu 12-Oct-17 11:55:35

It is his birthday not theirs. They cant eat it, who cares. Just provide other things they can eat.

Fecks Thu 12-Oct-17 11:56:14

They don't need cake. If it's just a short visit and not a meal then get some suitably free of everything biscuits.

JellyBabiesSaveLives Thu 12-Oct-17 11:58:33


Also - how do they manage being vegan with no fruit or veg? Must be a little boring!

If they're gluten-free on doctor's orders for a genuine medical reason I'd buy in some gluten-free cake for them to eat. But the rest of their dietary restrictions are their choices, and your dh has also made dietary choices - butter and carrots!

Let them know so they can bring their own cake to eat.

JellyBabiesSaveLives Thu 12-Oct-17 12:00:35

Actually, I've never tried buying vegan gluten-free spice-free vegetable-free fruit-free cake. Probably quite hard to source that?

shakingmyhead1 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:01:17

gluten free vegan no fruit or veg or spice???
make him a nice cake and give them a slab of tofu or a rice cake or ummmm shape a watermelon into a cake shape for them ( seen that on FB)

Idontevencareanymore Thu 12-Oct-17 12:03:42

Buy them a gluten free cake or something. I'd not go without my cake on my birthday for anybody.

guilty100 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:04:52

Make two! A more complex cake your DP will love, and a simpler bake for the in laws.

blackteasplease Thu 12-Oct-17 12:05:17

I would also make the cake he likes (if I was going to make any cake) and buy something gluten free and vegan for the others. Maybe have some fruit to serve alongside?

It's his birthday not theirs ! And I ideally you should enjoy the cake too as you make it.

blackteasplease Thu 12-Oct-17 12:06:10

Missed it was no fruit as well!

Presumably these requirements aren't all for the same person?

MinervaSaidThar Thu 12-Oct-17 12:06:11

How is this even a dilemma? Make him his fave and buy gluten free vegan from Tesco.

caringdenise009 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:06:26

Shaking my head- have you seen the watermelon donkey? A thing of beauty.

blueskyinmarch Thu 12-Oct-17 12:07:26

I cannot find in my imagination something vegan, gluten free, non spiced and non fruited/vegged that even remotely equates to my notion of cake! What is left? A potato maybe?

WhyamIBoredathome Thu 12-Oct-17 12:08:19

Make him the cake he wants, it's for his birthday after all. In laws can have something shop bought. Or fruit.

glitterlips1 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:08:22

Make the cake of your choice for husband and buy a small cake your inlaws can eat. I wouldn't make a big dilemma out of it.

PinkHeart5914 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:08:26

Make him a nice cake

Buy them a gluten free one for them

I mean if you can’t have cake you like on your own birthday when can you?

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