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AIBU to think is bloody rude?

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Shockedshell Thu 12-Oct-17 10:29:58

I dont know if I'm being unreasonable but this is annoying the hell out of me.
We are (DH & I) raising our grandson which means we currently have a few professionals involved in our lives that need to see us every six weeks. We both work and also have two of our own children still at home to care for so, like most people, we are always pretty busy - in fact life can be bloody hectic at times.
This one professional will text saying can I come and see you on such at date at such a time? I don't always see the text straight away so it could be an hour or two before I can check my calender and then respond and, 9 times out of 10, she'll text back saying sorry someone else has taken that time now!
Yesterday she text to say she could fit me in today instead of Friday like we'd arranged (she knows this is more convenient for me) but by the time I text back to say ok she'd given the appointment to somebody else angry
I know she's busy too but it's bloody annoying and making me feel annoyed with her which isnt good when she's meant to be supporting us in caring for our GS.
AIBU or is this bloody rude?

user1497357411 Thu 12-Oct-17 10:34:43

It is rude. Can she call you instead?

steppemum Thu 12-Oct-17 10:38:04

I assume she is sitting at her desk filling in her appointments.
Ask her to phone, or to text to say 'we need to make an appointment foe 3 weeks from now, you can phone me between x and y, time' then you can phone her with calendar and find a time without this texting up and down.

endofthelinefinally Thu 12-Oct-17 10:40:14

She should phone.
Texting is very unprofessional unless it has been arranged and mutually agreed for a set time.

CockacidalManiac Thu 12-Oct-17 10:40:39

She shouldn’t really be texting.
She should be calling you.

Shockedshell Thu 12-Oct-17 10:46:52

I agree that phoning me would be much better. I have been considering asking her to do this but wasn't sure if I was just being unreasonable.

RunRabbitRunRabbit Thu 12-Oct-17 10:49:33

Point out that you don't see the texts, hence it is a waste of her time sending then having to respond to you in the negative later, but kf she called you would answer.

Or put a special sound / alert on her number so you are more likely to notice the text quickly.

steppemum Thu 12-Oct-17 10:49:39

If she does text, she needs to hold that time until you text back. To offer it to you and then tell you she has given it away is very unprofessional.

brownfang Thu 12-Oct-17 10:49:58

I don't understand how this is a problem for you. Just keep in contact until you find a time that suits? Or are you saying the only times available always end up being very inconvenient or you have to keep changing your plans last minute?

Or you can ask her to work in a different way, but I suspect the SW works this way b/c she has to.

brownfang Thu 12-Oct-17 10:51:45

Why would receiving a call make it any easier for OP to check her calendar sooner?? If OP can answer the phone she can check for texts, there's no difference.

OP said she delayed replies b/c she couldn't check her calendar for a few hours, not that she wasn't able to answer the phone.

CockacidalManiac Thu 12-Oct-17 10:51:56

Or you can ask her to work in a different way, but I suspect the SW works this way b/c she has to.

Nobody is forced to text instead of calling. Unless you know the client/family very, very well and it’s been agreed as a method of communication, then it’s very unprofessional.

Schroedingerscatagain Thu 12-Oct-17 10:55:38

Could you book the next appointment with her when you meet up, I do this with my physio who I see every 6 weeks and it works well

LurkingHusband Thu 12-Oct-17 10:57:29

If she does text, she needs to accept that it may not get through.
There is a reason there's no "999" text service.

Shockedshell Thu 12-Oct-17 11:00:07

Answering a call isn't a problem as I hear the phone ring and therefore know someone is trying to contact me. A text will go unnoticed until I have reason to look at my phone as the noise an incoming text makes isn't loud enough to alert me. Actually I shall go and check my settings to see if I can make the alert louder or something.

snash12 Thu 12-Oct-17 11:00:42

Texting isn't unprofessional in 2017!

brasty Thu 12-Oct-17 11:01:08

Read the OP, It isn't about the texting. OP needs to check her calendar which takes a few hours.
I understand why this is very annoying, but when you are booking multiple people in, you can't just keep a slot open for a few hours waiting for a response, on the off chance the person can make it.

Shockedshell Thu 12-Oct-17 11:02:56's a problem because I find it rude and time wasting. Not everybody would feel like that I know but it's starting to really annoy me.

Shockedshell Thu 12-Oct-17 11:04:39

Other professionals manage to book appointments with me without a problem.

Majormanner Thu 12-Oct-17 11:04:41

Tell her that you are finding it difficult to make arrangements where she is texting and can she please call

GirlcalledJames Thu 12-Oct-17 11:04:54

Where I live there is a 999 text service (not the point but just in case anyone needs it aand wants to look into it in their area). It's for people who can't hear on the phone but you can use it in situations where it would be dangerous to make noise.

CockacidalManiac Thu 12-Oct-17 11:10:24

Read the OP, It isn't about the texting. OP needs to check her calendar which takes a few hours.

I think it’s you that needs to do that. The OP doesn’t hear the text; it’s a lot easier to hear a phone ring than hear a text alert. It’s not hearing the text that causes the delay.

CockacidalManiac Thu 12-Oct-17 11:11:17

Texting isn't unprofessional in 2017!

It is unless you’ve agreed to it.

brasty Thu 12-Oct-17 11:14:40

Okay apologies I did read it wrong. Then obvious solution is to increase the sound for a text alert surely? This is easily solved.

brasty Thu 12-Oct-17 11:15:28

Personally I would text as I struggle to hear people on a mobile phone, so hate phone calls on mobiles.

AugustRose Thu 12-Oct-17 11:15:37

I can see why it's annoying, especially if she keeps doing it. It sounds to me like she is offering the same slot to more than just you and fills it with whoever responds first.

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