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Urgent help needed - need a new mattress TODAY

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LEMtheoriginal Thu 12-Oct-17 07:30:14

need a kingsize mattress budget of £300. I need it today and can't go and try it.

Memory foam or sprung? I think we need firm (ish) may buy mattress topper at some point so poss prefer coiled. Slated bed.

Oh and I also need a home for my bastarding dog that pissed on my bed - I don't know which one it was so you have the choice one or two bastard jack Russell's that may or may not piss in your bed angry

wavesandwellies Thu 12-Oct-17 07:34:11

you can get decent ones on eBay for about £100-150 they do next day delivery if it helps.

I juse got a new one last week 1000 pocket sprung with memory foam top. it's a dream! all my back pain has gone too which!

LEMtheoriginal Thu 12-Oct-17 07:40:05

Thanks - Although I think we might try argos as might get it today. We turned this one over (Although you aren't supposed to) and it's unbearable and stinks hmm

iBiscuit Thu 12-Oct-17 07:42:58

My ikea mattress was well under your budget. It came rolled so easy to get into a car, although you are meant to wait 24(?) hours after opening it before using it.

iBiscuit Thu 12-Oct-17 07:45:27


reallybadidea Thu 12-Oct-17 07:47:27

Ikea. But check it will fit in your car (we didn't blush)

iBiscuit Thu 12-Oct-17 07:48:05

Just checked and it's 72 hours. I'm guessing all rolled mattresses are going to present the same problem though.

Surfingwhippet Thu 12-Oct-17 07:51:28

Could you use a blow up mattress until you can get one delivered?

reallybadidea Thu 12-Oct-17 07:52:05

Who has room to leave mattresses unfurled and not sleep on them for 72 hours?! Maybe you're supposed to make sure delivery coincides with going on holiday? We slept on our's straight away and it was fine!

kuniloofdooksa Thu 12-Oct-17 07:57:00 will deliver same-day in the south east. Otherwise argos sounds like a good bet.

Also you can get good mattress-protector sheets that are waterproof but don't rustle and crinkle like plastic would. Put one of those on and you don't have to fork out another £300 next time something like this happens.

LEMtheoriginal Thu 12-Oct-17 07:59:19

IKEA is too far from us. Just deciding whether to do argos or go to the place mattressnextday and try and pick one up.

Any takers on the dogs??

StepAwayFromCake Thu 12-Oct-17 08:04:50

I've just been urgent matttess shopping on a budget. IKEA Hovag and IKEA Morgedal both very highly rated and in your budget. I would probably have bought the Hovag, but needed delivery and removal of the old one, and IKEA couldn't do it fast enough. Paying someone to take away the old mattress would probably cost similar or less than a retailer's delivery and removal cost.

StepAwayFromCake Thu 12-Oct-17 08:06:04


Dog very cute, though.

Missingstreetlife Thu 12-Oct-17 08:15:52

Don't let dogs in bedroom?

WomblingThree Thu 12-Oct-17 08:17:20

Have you got accidental damage cover on your home insurance?

Also make sure you get a waterproof cover for the new one so you aren’t in the same situation next week.

Antoniacaenis Thu 12-Oct-17 08:18:41

Make part of your £300 budget for a good, waterproof, mattress protector?

SuburbanRhonda Thu 12-Oct-17 08:18:56

Love your duvet cover though, OP

<misses point>

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 12-Oct-17 08:21:46

We got one from mattressnextday and service was excellent. Nice bedding!

Wehad a bed pissing cat and went the waterproof mattress cover route. But she knew and started pissing on the pillows then...

Antoniacaenis Thu 12-Oct-17 08:30:06

Oops cross post wombling

WomblingThree Thu 12-Oct-17 08:32:45


WholeOrDiced Thu 12-Oct-17 08:38:14

For tonight, I can suggest some cleaning that can make it bareable. Sorry, file it away for worst case scenario though. It will help!
You're going to need
Concentrated disenfectant (zoflora if possible)
White vinegar.

Stand the mattress up against the wall or lay it flat on the floor, depending on location of the stain and what's easiest for you.

In a spray bottle if you've got one(if not, bowl and flick it at the stain then scrub in) mix 1 cap zoflora or similar with a mug full of white vinegar and a mug full of water. Spray it on the pee. Use a kitchen towel to mop it up as much as you can.
Lay the mattress down and bicarb the fuck out of it. Leave it for 1-2hrs. Vacuum off.

Dilute 4 caps zoflora in 3/4 mug of water. Scrub in with a scrubbing brush and mop up with tissue/kitchen towel. Then stand it up near an open window until bed time.

It will disenfect it and make it bearable - I did it in a similar scenario (though it was a child rather than a dog) and had to continue using the mattress for 4 months until I could afford another.
It'll do until you can get one delivered (if needed) trust me.

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 12-Oct-17 08:42:23

Not today but next day delivery

We have used them a number of times. Excellent prices and service

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