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WIBU to just turn up at her house?

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velvetdr Thu 12-Oct-17 00:54:07

I am adopting a cat from a lady who no longer wants him.

I have all her address etc and am going at 3pm. Have asked to change to 1pm and haven't got a reply in 4 days now.

Would it be ok to still turn up at 3pm?

Pivoine Thu 12-Oct-17 00:56:31

Just go. Poor little thing. The worst that can happen is she doesn’t answer the door.

TheRealGussieFinkNottle Thu 12-Oct-17 01:04:32

Aww you're doing a lovely thing OP smile maybe try to contact her one more time, and then just go anyway. Wishing you all the best with your new feline companion! smile

Oxcheeks Thu 12-Oct-17 01:18:44

Go at 1pm and if she's not there go back at 3pm and take the cat home to give him/her a fabulous life

oldlaundbooth Thu 12-Oct-17 01:20:05

Yes please do go.

velvetdr Thu 12-Oct-17 01:30:05

That's very reassuring! Thank you. I didn't want it to be extremely rude.

I'm really looking forward to having him home smile

TheRealGussieFinkNottle Thu 12-Oct-17 12:19:49

Good luck OP smile

TheRealGussieFinkNottle Thu 12-Oct-17 12:20:18

Excited for an update (and cat pictures too pretty please smile )

velvetdr Thu 12-Oct-17 16:05:47

Got him smile went at 3pm and was told "oh sorry not checked my phone just take him" sad

TheMShip Thu 12-Oct-17 16:08:26

Yay! He's beautiful, congratulations! Hope you're able to get a vet appt soon to give him a thorough check up, chip & jabs if needed.

coughingbean Thu 12-Oct-17 16:10:21

Awww look at him! Love him well op.

ohtheholidays Thu 12-Oct-17 16:11:14

He is a gorgeous looking cat,did she say why she was getting rid of him?

He has a really sad look in his eyes bless him,but I'm sure that will be replaced with a look of real happiness after a short while in a home where he's wanted and loved,you've done a really lovely thing OP.

FloControl Thu 12-Oct-17 16:12:11

Handsome fellow but those amber eyes are a bit creepy. Was his ex-owner wearing a pointed hat ?

Rachyabbadabbadoo Thu 12-Oct-17 16:19:18

Looks like a Burmese to me! Beautiful breed.

biffyboom Thu 12-Oct-17 16:24:00

Such a handsome chap 💙
I hope he settles in quickly.

Topbananaa Thu 12-Oct-17 16:27:54

Aww gorgeous!

pinkmagic1 Thu 12-Oct-17 16:28:12

Bless him. He looks so sad. Why didn't she want him anymore?

DearMrDilkington Thu 12-Oct-17 16:30:53

His gorgeous, what beautiful eyes he has.

Well done for giving him a loving home, I hope he settles in well.

NettleTea Thu 12-Oct-17 16:32:26

ahh he is beautiful and you are kind to rehouse him

SpinDry Thu 12-Oct-17 16:32:55

Oh bless him! Whats his name?

Well done you, it's a lovely thing to do.

C4Envelope Thu 12-Oct-17 16:34:16

He is beautiful - lots of love for him bless him

DancesWithOtters Thu 12-Oct-17 16:34:54

Oh bless him, he's lovely! I'm so glad he has a home that wants him.

How old is he and what's his name?

AllToadsLeadToHome Thu 12-Oct-17 16:36:02

Beautiful boy and so sad looking. I hope he is healthy and has a long life with you. Do keep him safe and remember the bastard cat killer is still about.

UrsulaPandress Thu 12-Oct-17 16:36:33

Gorgeous puss

RhiannonOHara Thu 12-Oct-17 16:39:07

He looks fed up. grin

I'm sure he'll cheer up once settled in to a home that does want him.

What's his name?

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