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To be annoyed at lack of communication

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confusedlittleone Wed 11-Oct-17 13:46:07

My oldest dc goes to nursery 4 mornings a week, he's 2.5, the nursery has 2 rooms a birth-2 room and then the other room that he's in which is everyone over 2. This morning they'd moved all the coat hooks around, and then said his was in the section closet to the 0-2 room, Because after half term he's moving in there.. they couldnt really offer much of an explanation and the manager wasn't there but they're making the birth-2 room a birth-3 one. The manager wasn't there so will be ringing her to clarify the situation. But aibu to be pissed off that A) there was zero communication about their plans. B) they're having such a huge range of ages in the one room, which is surely going to cause some issues? The big ones often run around which I can't see being super safe with non mobile babies also on the floor?

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