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Is it the time of year or something else?

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tornandhurt Wed 11-Oct-17 13:43:01

I've read a few threads of late with people generally being low and hacked off...........I'm exactly the same....but I don't know why.

Honestly if someone looked at me the wrong way right now I'd be inclined to tell them to do one!

Had a usually remote colleague in this morning and I found myself imagining what it would be like to thump his head off the desk if he snorted just one more time. Although this would always irritate me my tolerance to anything right now is at an all time low.

So what is it..............the weather, time of year or am I just turning into a grumpy old bag!

PickAChew Wed 11-Oct-17 13:47:40

If it's the time of year, it's getting me, too.

I felt like hurling my printer out of the window, this morning, after it summoned me, twice in one printing session, to change an ink cartridge. And if one more person stands directly in front of me in an almost empty bus station, I shall yell in their ear.

tornandhurt Wed 11-Oct-17 14:00:07

Yes Pick...........that's exactly it.........I cant be bothered to speak to people, have zero tolerance or motivation - I actually want to just crawl home to my bed, shut the curtains and tell the world to do one!.......but like you by the sounds of it I have the joys of a bus journey home involving yet more people that will piss me off!

1wokeuplikethis Wed 11-Oct-17 14:11:36

THEre is a lot of rage about at the moment. I was turning the car around after the school run this morning, had obviously checked the road was clear first. As I was just getting back into first gear to move off I had blocked the opposite side of the road momentarily and although it was a quick 3 point turn, a woman had come along in the opposite direction. As I lifted my hand to say thanks I realised she was gong mental at me through the window, gesticulating and gurning hmm at which my rage-ometer went 0-100 and felt fully furious at her being such a rude bitch. Annoying i waved thanks instead of being a gargoyle back! God complex.

Theresamayscough Wed 11-Oct-17 14:15:04

I think it’s brexit, the winter and the abysmal choices between awful Theresa May and ridiculous Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s deptessing

GaryGilmoresEyes Wed 11-Oct-17 14:18:54

S.A.D for me. I really need to buy one of those lights.

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