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To ask how working parents of SN children manage?

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LonginesPrime Tue 10-Oct-17 11:36:24

Posting here for traffic.

I'm a single parent and am thinking about changing jobs (both for career reasons and to get a more regular working pattern as lots of overtime is required). However, my DC have medical issues and SEN so I spend quite a bit of time at hospital and school appointments with them. These obviously happen during office hours, so I have to take quite a bit of time out of the office every so often (we'll usually have a couple of quiet months and then a string of appts).

Aside from the odd appt I have to postpone, I manage quite well at my current employer as I'm often in the fortunate position of working in a team where colleagues can cover for me (we all look out for each other and it's a very supportive environment) and being able to work from home in the evening on the days the DC have appointments so I can still meet my deadlines.

I've been where I am for years and have built up quite a lot of goodwill. I'm very conscious of how lucky I am and am scared to leave as a result so my question is: how do others with SN children handle going to all the appointments when they have to work?

N.B. There's no-one else I can send to appts in my place at the moment - it's just me and the DCs.

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