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To request to not work with this collegue?

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HCantThinkOfAUsername Tue 10-Oct-17 09:23:13

Tried to name change in case this is outing but forgot my bloody password.
So I'll try not to drip feed but don't want to put too much.

A colleague who I thought I got on really well with has spread a lot of nasty things about me which I didn't know about until another collegue confronted me about these things the other day saying she couldn't keep quiet anymore - I'm glad she did!

I had no idea that no one wanted to work with me because of the lies this woman spread.
Things include:
- apparently I go on people's phones to delete evidence of lies I've told.
- I've lied about my health. Think along lies of serious things. My employer has seen all evidence of my hospital stays and appointments
- that people can't trust me as I'm a snake and the one causing trouble and reporting people (it's her).

And many more things. This has been going on months apparently but she asked everyone not to mention anything to me (because she knows it's bullshit!)
So the damage has been done. I've spent a while wondering why everyone was being distant with me and now I know it's because of these lies and I'm hurt.

I work in a small company (16 of us) and we tend to work in pairs.

I don't want to inflame the situation so have been applying for other jobs to get out of the environment but I love where I am and know it can maybe be repaired.

Sorry if this makes no sense or sounds petty!

Rachie1973 Tue 10-Oct-17 09:32:58

Perhaps call her out in public? I don't think it has to be loud or confrontational. Just something along the lines of 'I'm not sure how these rumours started, but in the interest of harmony in the office I think I need to put some of the allegations and untruths straight'.

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