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Am I selfish

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octobersunshine Mon 09-Oct-17 22:37:22

DS aged 16 months is in childcare 3 days a week. He goes to my parents and ex's parents the other two. On Thursdays, my ex picks up DS and drops him at a mid meeting point with his parents and picks him up at the same spot after work and drops back at home.

Ex is going travelling for five weeks and wants me to do the morning drop offs with his parents instead. I've decided to put him in a with his childminder instead, my reason being that ex's parents have very specified times they will pick him up and drop him off, neither of which fit around my working day. If I go with their times, I'll be really late for work, and have to leave much later. I work 30 miles from home so it's a big commute with a lot of traffic. His childminder lives locally and it will be much easier for me.

His family are really angry at me for making this arrangement. But I feel that's mis-directed because ex is going on an extended holiday and no one has said anything to him at all. I feel like, as ever, ex makes holiday / weekend arrangements which I'm supposed to organise around, and if I don't, I'm the baddy for not making contact. I f

AIBU? Should I just do the drop offs to them? This is his arrangement with his parents, yet no one says it's a dereliction of his duty, but it's mine for not just agreeing to new arrangements. I'm angry that I'm expected to just pick up the slack when ex goes away on a big travelling holiday and I get the stick if I do what suits me.

RainbowPastel Mon 09-Oct-17 22:43:16

If they want to see your child they should be flexible about the arrangements. It sounds like you didn't even try to arrange though and went and organised the childminder.

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