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To ask this retailer to pay my bank fees?

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rugbywife45 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:18:47

In AUGUST I bought a £750 washing machine, on my credit card. It was faulty. The machine was collected & back at the retailer in August.

It took them almost 2 months to ‘investigate’ this (tracked) return as they/their courier lost the washing machine and then they started to ignore my emails. I was promised a refund by the 28/09, from an email they sent on 20/09. They didn’t actually respond until 06/10, once I threatened to place a chargeback.

I paid off the £750 for it in August, but had to recently repurchase a 2nd machine as I wasn’t sure what was happening. If they refunded me when promised, I would have no interest to pay.

The refund still hasn’t credited my credit card and my bill is due tomorrow. I have paid off what I can afford to (basically paying for two of these) but I don’t feel that it’s fair that I have to pay interest on a transaction that’s about to be refunded in full, and was only delayed due to the retailer’s incompetence. If I did file a chargeback, I would have had no fees! WIBU to ask the retailer to pay my interest?

tippz Mon 09-Oct-17 21:23:16

You could ask. Not sure what your rights are though.

PrincessLeia80 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:23:21

Absolutely within your rights though I think it would end with small claims court and further delays and charges!

nic14271213 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:34:57

If u paid by credit card not debit you need to ask your credit card provider for a section 75 and it’s there to protect faulty goods not just of companies go bust. Explain what you have done to try and sort it . It my take a few weeks to do as most banks are inundated with monarch claims .smile

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