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to think it's not the right time to change career

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needtogiveitablow Mon 09-Oct-17 21:07:14

I'm currently on maternity leave and due to go back to work at the start of February, the problem is I really really don't want to!

Before I went on maternity leave I went through a period of feeling like I'm in the wrong career and would love to change to do something in a more caring/supporting type environment - I always wanted to teach but going to Uni wasn't possible due to a number of family issues at the time.

I got a job working within a professional department in a Local Authority and have worked my way up to a decent salary and access to flexi time, good annual leave provision and the ability to work from home whenever needed however I still feel like I am not in the right role!

I feel trapped by circumstance in that we require 2 salaries to pay the bills and enjoy our lives with DC, I work 30 hours at the moment which allows me a good work life balance whilst the children are young and studying on top of work would impact this negatively as well as having to pay for any further education (not feasible at the minute).

Am I just having normal back to work wobbles?! Has anyone changed career and totally retrained at this point in life or am I better off waiting til the children are both at school - I need a grown up to tell me what to do!!! grin

Oldie2017 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:10:58

The teachers on here will all tell you not to go into teaching.

Coudl you go back to work but also set up another acreer as well? Before I set up on my own as self employed I kept my main job and basically did a second job on top of it such that I only gave up the first job when I was making as much money from the second. It was very hard work but it was very financially protective because it meant I only gave up the first job when I knew the second brought in as much money.

Could you give tuition in your spare time just to get a feel for teaching and I am sure you could help 6 year olds learn their times tables or something basic ilke that even without a teaching qualification.

RosiePosieRosie Mon 09-Oct-17 21:12:20

Placemarking as I’m due back in a month and absolutely not looking forward to it!

Sophiaeleanormay Mon 09-Oct-17 21:13:25

This teacher won't smile love it!

Believeitornot Mon 09-Oct-17 21:14:48

I was the same. It got worse when the dcs went to school and I finally decided I'd try a changebut not too radical.

Me and dh also made the decision to downsize our mortgage by moving areas and schools to somewhere cheaper.

I worked out my priorities - now that the dcs are at school it's about flexible working, about being local and having time to do voluntary work I enjoy. So I'm making steps to move towards that.

If I were you, I'd get back into work to get some money and have a long think about what changes you can make.

needtogiveitablow Mon 09-Oct-17 21:17:32

I think part of the issue is i'm not having any more children and for some reason the idea of leaving DD is harder than first time round - maybe it is just anxiety.

I'd love to set my own business up but I have no skills or original ideas in my head grin

Oldie2017 Tue 10-Oct-17 13:16:29

I suspect the thought of going back is just worse than actually going back will be and you just work 30 hours a week anyway so not full time. Local authorities tend to have openings for people interested in more caring roles. Could you not stay in the job but move sideways to a slightly different role?

The grass isn't always greener. Someone on here is writing about how awful the third sector, charity is having worked i think in local Government or NHS and having moved for the nicer more caring charity sector and it is anything but that!

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