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To find a new dj

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NoWittyNamesAvailable Mon 09-Oct-17 20:10:08

Im getting married this weekend and have had no end of problems hiring a dj, the first one decided to tell us 6 weeks ago she no longer has public liability insurance and has no intentions of renewing so i found someone else. This person is a professional dj and showed me his insurance document which was due to expire the following week. Since then he is really difficult to get hold of and has not sent a copy of his insurance for me to pass to the venue. I'm getting stressed now, WIBU to just hire someone else and then message him to tell him not to bother?

Karatema Mon 09-Oct-17 20:32:21

If you have no contract then just find a DJ who’s available

Karatema Thu 12-Oct-17 08:22:25

I hope your wedding was amazing smile

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 12-Oct-17 08:40:55

Whereabouts are you? If you want to disclose location you may get some recommendations.

I would highly recommend Pro-Event Hire if you are near Cambridge at all.

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