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To ask for things to do in Porto?

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sadandanxious Mon 09-Oct-17 17:49:07

DP and I are away in Porto atm. I posted a while back about whether to go for 3 or 5 nights. We went for the 5 nights in the end but I think we're going to struggle for things to do by the end. We've already done a tour of one of the Port lodges and visited the bar area of another. We've been up the Torres dos Clerigos and been in the church joined to it, been in the cathedral, visited a few cafes, the bookshop (livraria lello), walked around Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. Tomorrow we may get the tram to the beach.

What else is there to do?

AlkaSeltzing Mon 09-Oct-17 19:18:15

Isn’t there some sort of Port drinking tour to do? Sure I remember friends of friends doing something akin.

AlkaSeltzing Mon 09-Oct-17 19:18:57

Ignore that, head full of cold and not reading properly.

sadandanxious Mon 09-Oct-17 19:24:43

That sounds like a cool thing to do.

Nettletheelf Mon 09-Oct-17 19:26:36

Get a train to Pinhao. Tickets are really cheap (£12 return in May). Takes about two hours to get there through lovely scenery, then you can take a boat trip, have lunch and visit another port lodge.

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