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To report this?

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WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 03:49:05

I have recently done some work for an asset management company - my side of it is contract and not financial.

However - one member of their team, during drinks after a long day in the office proceeded to get massively coked up and told me and another woman, as 'non-office based' temporary contractors that despite him handling sensitive financial information and being in a position of trust:

-he claimed the equivalent of jsa in his home country (begins with Ire) for 2 years while working full time in London. This was about 7 years ago and he flew home once every couple of weeks to claim it
-that he had travelled to the US on a greencard obtained under false pretences instead of getting a J1 visa several times

I believe every bit of what he said and think he expected us to be impressed. He seemed to me a massively dodgy character and something about him deeply unsettled me. I feel like if he was investigated a lot more than this would be uncovered. My instinct tells me he should not be in a position of trust.

Who / should I report this to? Or should I just leave him to get on with it with his fraudulently obtained jsa in the bank still probably?

Birdsgottafly Mon 09-Oct-17 03:52:26

Tbh, i would forget it, it was so long ago and he might be chatting rubbish, as most do when coked up.

WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 03:58:56

Nope he wasn't chatting rubbish he gave too many details about claiming the dole as he called it and showed us a screenshot of his greencard. Also said his whole firm were 'thick cunts' and he had got away with 'much worse' before confused

WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 04:01:35

Basically, i'm not able to sleep tonight for different reasons (not this!) but i felt so strongly that he was out to cause damage if that makes sense - i got this feeling he should be stopped!!! I know exactly what goes on in the city and blind eyes are turned but i just genuinely got the impression this guy was dangerous on every level and felt sorry for the firm employing him 🙈

MissBax Mon 09-Oct-17 04:01:56

I'd worry he'd know it was me that had reported hin though, if he's just told you!

Pawpainting Mon 09-Oct-17 04:03:32

Mind you own business tbh. It was 7 years ago. We get it, you don't like him but theres no need to be so malicious towards someone is there?

WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 04:06:58

I think he probably tells a few people / has told. He made a big deal about telling us how he told an ex girlfriend and claimed he told her he would find her if she ever said anything. Apparently his current girlfriend has bad english and he said this suits him perfectly. I don't think he should be in a position of trust basically. He was a vile little man.

WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 04:07:53

I don't think he will remember telling me and if he does, what can he do? He knows nothing about me - not sure he can ask my boss for my address type thing.

MissBax Mon 09-Oct-17 04:09:45

Oh sorry just saw it was 7 years ago... Yeah I'd definitely forget it.

WednesdayAddamsthefirst Mon 09-Oct-17 04:14:40

7 years ago he did it - recently he was harping on about it. Very proud of it i think. I have warned my colleagues - not sure he does the firm reputation much favour. Very short dodgy little guy who you hear before you see. Urgh sorry maybe this was a stupid question - think i will leave it up to the relevant authorities. He made such a bad impression on me for all the wrong reasons - something about his ethics made my stomach churn.

Pawpainting Mon 09-Oct-17 04:20:42

If he is that bad then he probably won't last long in the job anyway. Just forget about him and what he said. Him claiming the dole illegally from another country 7 years ago has no effect on you whatsoever. it's not like you pay tax there so why does it bother you so much? Same with the green card. It's pretty hard to fool US customs and immigration so that was probably bullshit.

haveacupoftea Mon 09-Oct-17 05:51:58

Don't get dragged into somebody else's messy business.

JonSnowsWife Mon 09-Oct-17 05:56:42

I'd worry he'd know it was me that had reported hin though, if he's just told you!

Not necessarily. They do random checks all the time. I know as when I was once on JSA I got called in for a compliance interview about a year in to the claim. Of course it could be BS but the advisor said that they'd just ordered a new scanner and it threw up several peoples names who needed verifying. Mine just happened to be one of them.

Are you sure he's not BSing you? Flying home every two weeks to sign on sounds like a massive ball ache for £70a week.

Needalifeoverhaul Mon 09-Oct-17 06:04:33

It was 7 years ago and whatever your impression of him and his personality, I would echo other poster's advice and just forget it now. If you report it, would it help anyone now? If he was currently doing it, it would be another matter but it was way in the past.
I can understand your frustration based on his whole demeanour but he sounds like he's not exactly doing himself any favours with the drug taking and cockiness! Just thank God that you don't have to suffer him anymore.

Nandocushion Mon 09-Oct-17 06:07:08

"-that he had travelled to the US on a greencard obtained under false pretences instead of getting a J1 visa several times"

Sorry, not even sure what this means. If it's what he said exactly then you can be sure it was nonsense. Green cards are for people living in US, not for travelling or work visas, and trust me, DHS knows how to spot a dodgy one. GCs are extremely hard to get and there's no way some random just got one and bragged about it to his drinks friends. He sounds like a fantasist and I'd avoid just on that basis.

UserX Mon 09-Oct-17 06:20:49

Yes, how do you obtain a green card under false pretenses?

Dunno about the JSA but I think he might have been lying about the green card.

BoomBoomsCousin Mon 09-Oct-17 06:31:43

It is far easier to get a J1 than a Green Card (which normally takes years so "false pretences"?), and there's more security around a green card, so it sounds a bit odd that he would get a fraudulent green card instead of a J1 (or even a fraudulent J1 - which should be easier and presumably cheaper/less risk). So that sounds a bit odd and potentially not true.

But if you want someone to report him to who will likely follow up and potentially expose him as dishonest and inappropriate for his position, you could try the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He doesn't sound like a stand-up guy, but at the same time, it sounds like it's all quite a while ago and people do mature, especially after their mid-twenties.

Papafran Mon 09-Oct-17 06:31:49

Why don't you say what country it is rather than saying it begins with 'Ire'? So you mean Ireland? How the hell is it worthwhile for anyone to claim JSA and pay for flights back every 2 weeks to sign on? How does he get time off for that for a start- the interviews are held during daytime on weekdays and are sometimes subject to last minute change.

I don't know how or why one would obtain a green card under false pretenses but I would imagine it is a very strict process. Why does it even matter when he does not live in the US? Him having a green care makes no odds- it doesn't mean you can't go on holiday there if you don't have one.

It sounds like a load of shit and my guess is he was messing with you. If you report him, nothing will happen and he will probably be laughing at you. Let it go.

Crunchymum Mon 09-Oct-17 06:40:22

Agree that they both seem like very odd things to go to the trouble of doing?

Flying home every 2 weeks to sign on? How was that worthwhile / cost effective? And the whole green card thing makes no sense.

I also don't get why you are that bothered? If he was doing something illegal at the moment then I'd be all for reporting him. But this I would leave well alone.

TiesThatBindMe Mon 09-Oct-17 06:48:37

If he's Irish, the dole is €188 per week but you have to collect it from the post office weekly. You only have to sign on every couple of months. Not sure about 7 years ago, whether he could have gotten it paid into his bank account and maybe just sign on monthly. It would have been worth doing if you could. To report?

CauliflowerSqueeze Mon 09-Oct-17 06:52:25

He is a dick.

Make your life easier: avoid dicks.

Don’t get involved with him.

Chapterandverse Mon 09-Oct-17 06:56:01

What difference has he made to your life by allegedly doing this? Seven years ago....

I'd leave it. If he's as mouthy as you make out then he'll drop himself in it soon enough.

"He's from Ire" that means he must be a good for nothing rogue then, right? hmm

youwouldthink Mon 09-Oct-17 07:49:36

Speaking from 'Ire'...those who are claiming Jobseekers here have to present to a post office to collect one day a week. The payment is held in post office for a max of three days before being returned to the department and then would need to be claimed back for a reason eg. hospital stay and unable to get in.
Your personal dislike of this man seems to be the driving force here.

Appuskidu Mon 09-Oct-17 07:54:16

Very short dodgy little guy
he was a vile little man


ShiftyMcGifty Mon 09-Oct-17 07:57:15

Wouldn't the obvious thing to report is him coked up during a company-sponsored outing? Rather than the silly tales he spun you while he was high?

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