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Userrrrr Sun 08-Oct-17 09:05:28

Been with DP 7 years. When we met he lived in a rented house, which I eventually moved into and we then bought together when the landlord wanted to sell, so it's equally our house but he's lived here much longer than me. This means that when I moved in I was kind of moving in around his stuff rather than us setting up a home together - if you see what I mean. I've been here 4 years. We also have two young children.

Anyway, the house is quite small and cluttered, which isn't helped by the fact that he has a huge piano/keyboard thing taking up a big chunk of the living room. This wouldn't be so bad except that in the whole time I've known him he's never once used it. He did play years ago, but never since I've been here and now it's just gathering dust.

I've asked countless times if we can get rid of it but he refuses. His argument is that the kids might want to play it when they're older, and also that you should never get rid of stuff like that because it's not something you would buy again but it might be nice to have in the future (not sure I'm fully behind this weird logic...)

It won't fit in the loft, and there's nowhere else for it. I'm seriously thinking about hiring a storage unit for it, but thats such a massive waste of money - paying rental to keep an item we never ever use. We're hoping to move house to somewhere bigger, but it's still a few years until we can afford that.

About to want to get rid?! I'm at my wits end, and already thinking about all the toys and clutter that are going to take over the house at Christmas/birthdays and make the situation even more dire!!

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