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I wonder where this little girl went . . .

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MaryGilbeaux Sat 07-Oct-17 20:35:31

I was watching little girls turn cartwheels. At that age, I was turning cartwheels without using my hands - you just had to believe you could do it. I believed it and so I could do it.
I don't know when this stopped.
When did I become timid? I wish I was intrepid

Birdsgottafly Sat 07-Oct-17 20:43:48

I think it's a combination of getting a sense of danger and losing confidence in our physical abilities (which happens more in girls than boys).

More boys die in accidents, or rather because of taking risks, than girls, so it's not a bad thing, as such.

However, Society loves to tell Women what we can't or shouldn't be doing, especially as we age.

Embrace a feel-the-fear-and-do-it-anyway, Ethos.

lemony7 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:44:27

She's still in there! What happens when you try to do this now? You might surprise yourself or fall in a heap and do damage

CaoNiMartacus Sat 07-Oct-17 20:52:35

How do you do cartwheels without your hands? slightly misses point

Silvercatowner Sat 07-Oct-17 21:01:01

you just had to believe you could do it

You really didn't.

KindergartenKop Sat 07-Oct-17 21:03:13

I could never do cartwheels, I was too cautious! Also fat.
But I can still lick my right to. Not my left though, it's curiously less bendy.

KindergartenKop Sat 07-Oct-17 21:03:26

Toe, not to!

LittleLights Sat 07-Oct-17 21:03:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DeadGood Sat 07-Oct-17 21:04:05

As well as the usual "children are rubbery and don't get injured in the same way us brittle old wimmin do" argument, I think there is a degree of physics to it as well. Children are smaller and can move differently... someone cleverer than me will come along soon hopefully, and explain it.

I'm thinking along the lines of how ants can fall from great heights and wander off happily and without injury, or how you couldn't scale a mouse up to the size of an elephant, the distribution of weight wouldn't work.

CarbyDiem Sat 07-Oct-17 21:04:14

I tried this a short while ago. In my head I could still do it. The unpracticed stiff body couldn't. I landed on my head. It hurt.
However at 43 and quite fat I can still do a normal cartwheel and in a good day a walkover. My teenagers love it grin

frogsoup Sat 07-Oct-17 21:05:33

I can pinpoint the exact moment this happened for me. I used to leap over the school gym horse at top speed, like a gazelle. Then one day, aged about 14, I got to the bouncy thing that you take off from (you can tell I'm well up to speed on my gymnastics terminology...), and thought 'shit, this is scary', and stopped dead. That was it. Never managed it again!!! I think it's partly a growing up thing - you start to think of the things that might go wrong and get a healthy measure of restraint! Some people never acquire it, you'll find them on top of Everest, on the moon, crossing the Antarctic, and suchlike. Or often, dead, after one risk too far. So go easy on the handless cartwheels, you hear grin.

BewareOfDragons Sat 07-Oct-17 21:06:21

I think we called them aerials, handless cartwheels, and I could never do one. sad

GrouchyKiwi Sat 07-Oct-17 21:06:32

Silvercatowner Gymnasts do hands-free cartwheels all the time...

0to3SadOnions Sat 07-Oct-17 21:07:13

Off the back of this thread, I just did a handstand up the wall to see if I still could, and I think I've fixed my prolapse grin

ZeppelinBend Sat 07-Oct-17 21:08:19

Last time I tried to do a normal cartwheel I pulled a hamstring - after me bigging up to the dc how I used to gymnastics and I'd show them how to do it properly blush. I used to be able to do flips dammit.

Flowershower Sat 07-Oct-17 21:08:38 cartwheel takes more skill than just 'believing'...seen plenty of gymnasts learning it and it takes a while. As for why not now - age/lack of flexibility/the physics of launching my much heavier body into the air!

Grimbles Sat 07-Oct-17 21:08:51

When I was younger, and shops were closed on Sundays, we would go up to the top of the local muti-story car-park and roller skate down the ramps at full speed, never even worrying that we might meet a car on its way up.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 07-Oct-17 21:09:50

I used to ride horses.
Now I'd fall off, injure myself and (most likely) wee myself sad

Where did that brave slender equestrienne go?

hmcAsWas Sat 07-Oct-17 21:09:55

Its not just lack of self belief in my case - my 49 year old body (despite regular exercise - running and cycling) is highly inflexible, particularly my spine and hips! Ffs - if my shoelace comes undone on a dog walk I am looking for a raised tree stump to rest my foot on (in order to minimise the stoop required to tie my laces)

SemiNormal Sat 07-Oct-17 21:10:02

I used to love doing handstands, then my mum told me about this man who did a headstand in a pub and fell, snapping his neck and it either killed him or left him paralysed. That was the end of my handstands!

I also watched a video recently of a man doing some kind of flip and he fell and broke his neck too I think. Pretty sure he died too.

I'm happy enough with two feet on the floor. Although I'm not beyond laying down, arms stretched out and rolling down hills.

SusanTheGentle Sat 07-Oct-17 21:11:36

Children are smaller and can move differently...

I don't know the physics of it, but this is also why female artistic gymnasts are often pretty small, too - and apparently they also often have quite short limbs for their height. (I was an average but ok gymnast and had this stature until height then Surprise!Tits happened - for some reason also frowned upon smile).

Interesting article about it here: - basically, smaller height means lower centre of gravity, and it's easier to do rotating things.

fairyofallthings Sat 07-Oct-17 21:11:39

I used to roller skate down a 10% gradient hill - I must have been completely and utterly mad. The broken wrist was worth it though

Thegiantofillinois Sat 07-Oct-17 21:12:45

I have never been able to do a cartwheel.
I was an.incredibly clumsy kid. Was about 20 before I stopped having skinned knees.
Could do backdrops a swimming pool though. Wouldn't even know where to start now.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 07-Oct-17 21:12:56

Little lights I used to bounce high on a trampoline but then I had 3 babies and now if I did I'd probably wet myself.

I could do handstands and cartwheels, but never with no hands.

I was a curiously shy and self conscious child, and occasionally would do something amazingly brave but very rarely. I was always far too self conscious.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 07-Oct-17 21:13:20

My DD did gymnastics for years, when DD and her mates were in a park or similar, they'd all run and perform cartwheel after cartwheel, flips and splits.

Now they get their iPhones out [sigh]

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