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To go to the dr about strange feeling toe

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xrayyankeezulu Sat 07-Oct-17 20:25:09

So for the past few weeks the 2nd toe on my left foot (the one next to the big toe) has felt really strange.

I can't really explain it but it feels sort of tight. I keep thinking there's a hair or piece of cotton caught around it but there's nothing there to see at all. Its starting to drive me a bit crazy.

It's hard to get an appointment at our GP, they do a walk in surgery 2 mornings a week but the wait time is so long, plus I don't really know if it's worth a visit - not sure they'd be able to do anything.

Has anyone had similar? If so what did it end up being?

WhoWants2Know Sat 07-Oct-17 20:29:01

Is it causing problems in your day-to-day life?

WhoWants2Know Sat 07-Oct-17 20:34:07

Weirdly enough, Google has loads of people with the same symptom and most seem tied to nerve issues.

shouldnthavesaid Sat 07-Oct-17 21:17:46

Could it be a nerve issue? A friend has no feeling in her big toe following back surgery about ten years ago, she said its completely numb. Your lumbar spine nerves go to your feet/legs so possible if you've a back issue an initial symptom could be issues with your toes/feet. Maybe worth seeing your GP with a routine appointment. If you develop increasing numbness particularly around your bottom/'saddle area' or problems going to the loo then see a doctor asap, but otherwise would just make a routine appt.

MulhuddartDrive Sat 07-Oct-17 21:37:38

I had weird toe numbness for a couple of years after my c-section.

PaintingByNumbers Sat 07-Oct-17 21:44:46

Yup, sounds like nerve to me too, try sciatic nerve stretches and don',t ignore it if it gets worse

Itsanicehotel Sat 07-Oct-17 21:45:30

I'd get it checked out. It sounds something to do with the nerves. All sorts of things it could be caused by so definitely shouldn't be left.

TammySwansonTwo Sat 07-Oct-17 21:50:55

This is neuropathic. For the past two weeks I have a burning sensation in my knee that spreads down my leg and into my foot, and it feels like there are bugs crawling on my feet. It's not a blood clot and isn't really painful, just feels weird. Neurological symptoms like this should be seen by a doctor - could be a back problem or a host of other things but worth getting a check up so they can test your reflexes and other things.

xrayyankeezulu Sat 07-Oct-17 21:52:31

Oh really WW2K, I try to avoid google for anything medical because I just worry myself. Its not causing any issues as such it's just unusual & irritating. I think I'll wait until I next have to go & mention it to GP then, interested to know other people's experiences though because it's the strangest thing!!

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